Reviews For Glamour Magazine


There is no articles to read, most of the pages AD's, Yes it is colorful, but you can finish reading this magaz. in 10 min. And this particular mag. pay a lot of attention on sex. I feel kind of uncomfortable when my daughther reading this.

Great Magazine

Keeps me interested... But the fashion is all incredibly high priced, not something you can ever afford, which sucks.

Love it

In a world full of teen magazines, I am thankful to have a grown-up outlet for pleasurable reading.

One of the better ones in the genre

As a young women's magazine, it does a good job of balancing the "essentials" (sex, fashion, career advice, health) while providing humor. Definitely less focused on the how-tos of sex than some similar magazines, which I prefer. Great at covering recent, relevant, health issues.

Too much sex

Glamour is a generally really good magazine, but it has a lot of sex. there was a really disgusting article about what you could do to make a guys erection come sooner, and it just dawned on me, that a lot of the readers of Glamour must be teenagers. they shouldn't be learning about sex that early! but it does have a lot of good articles, too. i like it.

Good read

I like this one better than Cosmo. Great info on beauty and the like.

mehran review

I like this magazine very much and I believe that this magazine can be a very powerful resource for solvinf women's today problems.

Pretty good

This magazine is pretty. I am not that interested in long articles, so the fact that this magazine has alot of pictures helped.

It's seen better days

As others have said, the quality of this magazine has gone down. It still has some good articles on health issues, careers, and other important topics of interest to women. The pictures are great; if you're interested in fashion it's better than Cosmo (though not quite as good as Vogue). The new editors are too focussed on sex and relationships, though. There's more to most women's lives than our relationships with men. Still more worth reading than Cosmo, though.

Not loving it

This is the first magazine i have bought in all my life and I am not a teenager at all, I think it's kind of good, but not good enough. I have seen In style, and I like much better, but i bought this for less than the half of the price of In Style... I didn't know what to expect.