Reviews For Glamour Magazine

The next step after Cosmo for the 30+ crowd

I really enjoy this magazine! I ordered this mag along with Cosmo - I enjoy reading this 100x more than Cosmo, which is downright insulting. I enjoy the fact that Glamour focuses more on things that affect our every day life, rather than just sex, how to land a man, and more sex like Cosmo. I am 32 & married, and find the articles in this magazine very intersting & informative. I like the beauty advice too!

If you have grown out of Cosmo, than I would definitely recommend you move up to Glamour :)

Pretty good read

There are alot of different topics in this magazine to keep me interested. im not keen on all fashion magazines because frankly, i cant afford any of the stuff in them. but this had alot of "on your budget" topics.

the subscription took forever to kick in though. i ordered it on my birthday (july 24th) and just got the first magazine a few days ago (its september 14).

its at least a good hour of reading. so i say its worth the price!

Good fashion magazine w/ sense of humor

Okay, yeah, it's no "Vogue" or "Cosmo," but "Glamour" is a lot more accessible to the "everyperson" than the other two. Not all of us have glamourous pagegirl jobs that (miraculously) pay six figures. Seriously--secretaries in Prada? As if! So Glamour is a little more realistic, and a little more fun. AND a lot less expensive. It's a fun, "cheap," guilty pleasure.

A great magazine!

I love Glamour! This has to be my favorite magazine of all times! Granted the ads drive me nuts but I love the Do and Don'ts and all the clothes. I am a shopping mogul! This magazine is great for showing new trends and I love layering and almost always they are showing new ways of layering clothes and teaching you how to wear your clothes in a different exciting way. I also enjoy the articles and life lessons as there is always something that I am interested in. I read Glamour almost from cover to back! I rarely skip articles! If you like fashion and just articles on every life issues this magazine is for you!

**I have noticed a change over the last year in the magazine, but it is not terrible.**

Good mag, good price

Glamour is one of the only two women's magazine's I subscribe to. The content and layout is always interesting albeit a bit predictable, and the majority of the magazine is advertisements (like most magazines these days). But the low price makes it a worthwhile subscription.

A Fun Respit

Glamour is a fun, girlie read and a bit of brain candy. It does usually have an informative public awareness article as well. But lets not forget the detailed reviews of what's in, regarding fashionable clothing and fun beauty products. Everything you need to make you feel like a hottie on a cold dark wintery day.

Always a Good Read

This is the best woman's magazine out there: a combination of fashion, current events, Philanthropist's causes and yummy recipes.


Good magazine, plenty of interesting stuff, up to date info, fashions, fashion tips, health and beauty.
Would recommend.

glamour magazine

to me Glamour is more of a young crowd targeted magazine. Liked its relationship columns or whatever you call it.

fun and light reading

I really enjoy Glamour. It's total "brain candy" but I do get a lot out of it and it's a quick read, which will get you the info you're looking for in not a lot of time. Some good beauty and exercise tips. Interesting interviews from time to time.

I think it's a bargain, even though I don't read it cover to cover.