Reviews For Glamour Magazine

For Granddaughters

I wanted a magazine here for my granddaughters to read when they were over, and this one is great!

Read this magazine for 33 years

I have been reading Glamour since i was 16 and still find the articles interesting and it helps me keep up with fashion and cosmetics still at my age. I like to try to keep current and Glamour helps me do that. Great magazine at all ages.

Love it!

some issues are a bit boring, but most of them have great advise on
exercising, diet and fashion

..lloooveee itt!

By Far the Best Magazine on Newstands

This is by far my favorite magazine. It's dynamic- it doesn't just focus on one topic, but many! Glamour has something for everyone, be it makeup tips or clothes for your body type, work out regimes, sex tips, and articles on global issues. Yes, some of the articles can be a bit repetitive, but come on, your reading a magazine, not a Shakespearean novel.
I love the articles by Marianne Pearl. She is traveling the world for Glamour, writing stories about social issues in our world. Not only are the articles well written, but they are uplifting and give light to problems that the media often ignores.
The Glamour Beauty section focuses on tips for applying makeup for the current season and fun hairstyles to try. Glamour Fashion has clothes that are mostly affordable for the everyday woman and it's fun to look at all the different styles. In addition, there is always a "Do and Don't" section which shows people wearing both ridiculous and chic outfits. The Men, Sex, and Love section usually has a Do and Don't section as well, and advice for women written by real men. Sometimes the celebrity interview can be a bit bland- they are often just promoting a new CD or movie, but others have been quite interesting. This section is often hit or miss.
What I like best about Glamour is the Real Stories section. There is always a page about an everyday hero, which is uplifting to read. Plus, usually a celebrity will tell about a transforming time in his or her life.
I love that Glamour isn't like every other magazine. There really is something for everyone and I always look forward to it every month.

Glamour Magazine

Very good. Cheap too. I got my sis a subscription too and she loves it too.

A mag for all size women who want affordable fashon!

LOVE THIS MAG! Who ever heard of a fashon magazine which includes ALL size/age women! GLAMOR DOES! One summer issue covered all body types and sizes - including what looked best on a size 24 women! TERRIFIC! Also a very thoughtfully written mag. I have no need for any other fashon mag.

*My favorite Mag*

This is my favorite magazine for the past 10 years and it's not expensive like cosmo.

My favorite magazine!

This is one of my favorite magazines! It has a little bit of everything, and I love the do's and don't's section too. Its aimed for 20 and 30 something women. I can't miss a month of it!

My favorite "trashy magazine"

I've had subscriptions to just about every woman's magazine there is over the past 8 years, but the only one I always renew is "Glamour". It's less "how-to-catch-a-man" oriented than "Cosmo", less pseudo-hipster than "Jane" and less serious than "Marie Claire". While it's certainly no "Ms." magazine, it has a lot of women-positive messages every issue, articles that aren't as sensationalistic and fear-mongering than most found in women's magazines, and lots of fashion and beauty tips. I feel that "Glamour" strikes the right balance between frivolity and seriousness--for those of you who like a side of third-wave feminism with your fashion, I highly recommend it.

A good magazine.

Glamour may not be the most intellectual read, but it never claimed to be Time. It offers articles about love, health, and occasionally world problems. It is not Cosmo, it has become more sexed, but it still has much good information. I love it, and still subscribe to it, even with a new editor. In fact, under the new editor, sales have increased, so she must be doing something right.