Reviews For Food Network Magazine

Love this magazine!

Love it, love it, love it. Great recipes, great interviews. I also like the contents pages at the beginning of the magazine that show the pictures of all the recipes. Brilliant idea!

food network mag tastes great!

Any foodie will get tons of tips and recipes, all in an easy to read & follow format. I look forward to making several recipes each month with ingredients I have on hand. As an avid watcher of the food network this is a perfect ways to get more info on my favorite shows & personalities too!

Food Network Magazine

I never get enough of the channel or the magazine. I love this magazine and it never ceases to inspire me. If you love to cook and love the Food Network, then this magazine is perfect for you. Get the scoop on your favorite Food Network Chef with this handy magazine. Salivate over beautiful pictures of food and all things holy to the kitchen. Tons of recipes in every issue! You can not go wrong with this magazine.

Food Network Extension

You would think I get enough of Food Network on my television. I always have the station least when I have control of the remote! But in reality, my experience just is not complete without this magazine. This magazine in no way competes with the television. It completes the shows on the television network. There are articles in here that give insight to what I see on the shows. They are extensions to fill out a full viewing experience.

Have I tried any of the recipes? You bet! But even more than the recipes, it is the experiences I have as I read about the Food Network stars and the learning experiences as I learn about different foods and how to work with them and new equipment for the kitchen. And this magazine gives me the room to dream what it would be like to have a dream kitchen with dream equipment and stocked with a complete pantry and all the ingredients necessary for any recipe at any time.

This magazine is about dreams!

Fabulous Magazine

I read the magazine from cover to cover. There are so many tips and wonderful recipes that I don't want to miss any of them. A fabulous product at a very affordable price.

recipes & how-to's

I had stopped subscribing to various magazines but when I saw Food Network, I knew I had to make an exception. Not only are the recipes well organized & indexed, there's plenty of how-to's for the beginning or advanced cook. The pics are great & the interviews interesting.

Great magazine!

Gave as a gift to my daughters boyfriend and he loved it! He is a "wanna be" gourmet and he appreciated all the helpful hints and great recipes in this magazine. It did arrive a few weeks earlier (I'm not complaining) and almost spoiled the Christmas morning surprise but we caught it in time! It is a gift he will enjoy every day of the year!

Every recipe has been wonderful!

We got this magazine instead of the Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine. Every recipe we have tried out of it so far (after only 3 issues) has been excellent. And the little booklet insert that is included with every magazine, such as 50 holiday cookies, 50 soups, and 50 mashed potato recipes, are great. It's jam-packed with recipes and worth the subscription. Star-ogling included.

Great for beginning food enthusiasts

I ordered this magazine a few months ago, and it has turned out to be an excellent purchase. I have tried a half dozen recipes in it and I have not been disappointed yet.

I am more of a beginner when it comes to cooking, however, I like to think I have discriminating taste buds. This magazine provides mostly simple and easy recipes with a few more difficult ones mixed in. If you are looking for a challenge this may not be the magazine for you. However, if you work full time and still want to cook a good meal, this is perfect.

There are articles about Food Network stars, programs, and fun cooking gadgets, but I tend to just look through the recipes. The suggestions for Christmas gifts for foodies were amusing, but to be honest, I don't really care where Bobby Flay is spending his holidays. I should mention that all of the recipes provided in the magazine are also on the Food Network site for free. If you would rather just spend your time searching the web, you don't have to buy the magazine. However, the web can be information overload if you're just glancing for something to eat, so the color pictures with the recipes they suggest are preferable.

Great! Great! Great!

If you love to not just eat, but dine... THIS is the magazine for you! This wonderful magazine makes all the creative ideas from your favorite cooking shows available for study at your leisure. For me, it was a fabulous discovery. I've never enjoyed exploring the world of cooking so much until I found Food Network Magazine! There is just so much to recommend it, but one particular feature that stands out enables you to copy amazing dishes from restaurants. How great is that?

Food Network Magazine is also the perfect gift! I absolutely love it.