Reviews For Food Network Magazine

Food Network Magazine Rocks

I have purchased this magazine in the past, but it is great to be receiving it in my mail every month. I have read a lot of other cooking magazines and find the Food Network Magazine gives me more of what I want. Amazing receipes with a photo index in the front, now that's something I have never seen. A lot of other magazines have 'fillers' ... things randomly thrown into the magazine that have nothing to do with food. Not this one. Also, I really love the mini chef bios from time to time. I highly recommend this magazine for chefs or foodies alike, or for anyone who is interested in finding new ideas and receipes.

From Screen to Magazine

Food Network Magazine is a guilty pleasure. There are reliably cheesy recipes from Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee, insights on Next Food Network Star and Iron Chef. They do healthy versions of time honored classics. The magazine is colorful, well laid-out, and organized. There are travel tips, cooking tips from stars like Guy Fieri and Tyler Florence. It's a fun and easy magazine to read. Dig in!


Food Network mag always has great things to try as long as you know your basic cooking processes. The only downside is I got an extra copy of the last issue which I had already bought at the store.

does the network justice

I thought this would be just a knock off of the shows, but it is really well put together. Lovely to look @ and a great source of inspiration and information.

Recipe fan

I have been very pleased with the Food Network Magazine thus far. Tons of recipes that are easy to follow! this mag

Love this magazine! Lots of pics and great recipes for the regular home cook or the more advanced.

Favorite cooking magazine

Heck, at the moment it's my favorite magazine of any genre! I really like the way the magazine is laid out - they have multiple sections for different types of cooking. Most notably, to me, they have a Weeknight Cooking section and a Weekend Cooking section. It should be fairly obvious, but the recipes in the weeknight cooking section are pretty fast and simple, and generally fairly inexpensive to prepare, whereas the weekend cooking recipes are a bit more involved/expensive/suitable for company. This magazine is great for people who like to cook different types of food. They not only include recipes inspired from around the world but have a nice balance of healthy/indulgent and fast/extravagant in the magazine. Basically the magazine's got a little bit of everything, which I think is great because you can get everything in one location. AND the recipes are great - one thing food network chefs are good at is creating recipes that actually have taste.

Some other reviews complain about there not being a great number of recipes in each issue - they seem to average between 120 and 125 recipes each. Since you get a new issue every month (or two), I can't help but wonder how many those people think they need from one source to get them through the month. Personally I like the balance between recipes and other food-related content, and I got some great ideas for presents for Father's Day!

very satisfied

I ordered this magazine for a friend of mine and she loves it.the recipies are appealing and easy to make. the articles are interesting.

Great Price, Great Magazine

I love this magazine, it is full of good recipes and information. The price was a real deal. I will buy all my magazines from here from now on.

This Cook Book is a Must!!

This book has many amazing recipes for starters or for those looking for some great fast recipes that are delicious. There are some which only takes a few minutes to prepare, and enjoyable for two, or the entire family!