Reviews For Food Network Magazine

Fantastic Magazine

I have been subscribing to this magazine since it was first published. It has a wide variety of foods and each month I find several new recipes that I like. In the first part of the magazine it shows what the recipes look like and what page they are on so you don't have to keep going through the magazine to find what you want or remember a silly name they gave a recipe and try to find it in an index.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cooking or even just wants to try something new. The recipes are very easy to follow. I have given several gift subscriptions and all recipients have really enjoyed this magazine an continue to subscribe.


Most useful of my food magazines

Since retirement, recipes and cooking have become a new hobby. I subscribe to a number of "food magazines" but often forget where I saw a recipe. Food Network previews them with pictures, categories and page numbers. The ingredients are usually in my freezer or pantry and are unique yet rather easy to make. It is fun to be able to quickly make a "different" meal, especially when guests arrive unexpectedly. Seems I'm one of the only retirees in our group who still likes to prepare meals, and my friends are only too happy to forgo their frozen entrees to accomodate my passion.

Great Reading

I glanced at it on the news stand and found it more interesting than R.R's magazine

Great Magazine!

Excellent articles, good ideas, fun facts and many good recipes. I read it cover to cover.

My wife just loves the magazine and love her cooking from it.

My wife just loves the magazine and love her cooking from it. The recipes are memorable and magazine is a steal for the tips inside it.

Food Network Magazine

One of my very favorite food magazines. Great recipes that are NOT complicated and great articles and tips and insight into your favorite celebrity chefs. Highly, Highly recommend this magazine!!

My Favorite!!

I absolutely love this magazine. There are enough recipes in one issue alone to last more than a month. I love reading about the Food TV chefs/cooks as well. There is a ton of information in each issue. I don't buy any other food magazines since I subscribed to this one.

Food Network Magazine

I gave this magazine as a gift and the recipient just loves it. The gift that keeps on giving for an entire year. The pages are smooth and the pictures are very colorful. The recipes that I have seen and tasted are wonderful with a great variety of colors, textures, flavors and ease of preparation. A great purchase.

This Magazine is a Keeper

I normally don't keep many magazines for future reference, but this one I do. I love this magazine, which is saying alot cause I don't really watch the cooking shows ! The articles are fab, the recipes are great and the whole magazine is just a treat in this day and age when most magazines are comprised of advertising !

Magazine for Food Network Fans

What I first noticed about this magazine was its size. I was really impressed by how large it looked, could easily have smooshed that cockroach from Wall-E. Sadly it is about equal parts content and ads. The recipes are interesting and the articles are fun. I never found the recipes to be overly difficult, however some of the ingredients were not always easy to find.

The recent issue had a nice 'Create Your Own Stir Fry' that we really liked. It is set so that you can select certain ingredients from each section and create one of the 4 or 5 sauces and you have an amazing stir fry.

Another interesting article was about pizza. They had a recipe for a simple pizza crust and then something like 101 different pizzas. At first this sounded great, but really it should have been more like 35 different pizzas. Most of the pizzas were the same type but one would have something like black olives and the other wouldn't. So it looked like a lot, but it wasn't.

If you are a fan of the network I would highly recommend this magazine.