Reviews For Food Network Magazine

Very Exciting!!

This is a very exciting magazine filled with all kinds of ideas and fun. I have enjoying learning new ways to cook otherwise boring meats and veggies. I can hardly wait for the next issue. This is more than my money's worth. Plus you get to read interviews with some of the stars on the Food Channel. I highly suggest buying this magazine for yourself or as a gift for maybe. . . your in-laws?

Great magazine!

I love this magazine! The recipes are easy to follow and I especially appreciate that there's a picture for each recipe so you know what the dish is supposed to look like. This month they've added the nutritional information for each recipe. The recipes I've tried are Yum-O!

Food Network Rocks

This is the best magazine ever for those of us loving Food Network. The recipes are easy for anyone, and written for normal families.

One of the best magazines EVER!

more than expected.

It was really nice to get a cooking magazine that gave me a lot more than I had expected. You expect to get great recipes from a food network mag, but there are also great food tips and a ton of healthy ways to cook things that you thought you couldn't have anymore.

Great new magazine!!

Decided to try this new magazine and I love it. I'm tired of all the same magazines and this one is different from anything I have subscribed to. I have a bunch of pages dog-eared; there are actually recipes I want to try which are not too complicated.

Food network

I love this magazine. It gives you insight to what the shows chefs like and some recipes as well.

Pays up for every penny spent

I subscribed this mag for my wife, as she is a fan for food network.
The first issue came in less than 3 weeks. The content in the mag is very well organized, and has kewl recipes, pull outs and amazing pictures.

Go for it folks !!!

A "taste of enjoyment" delivered to your door!

Great Magazine! A "taste of enjoyment" delivered to my door once a month. Good articles on my favorite food network people, recipes and more. Makes a wonderful gift for family & friends too.

Food for the Mind

Love the magazine, articles that come with it and pictures to prove the "food" for the mind first and bellies second! Keep up the awesome work! Food Network just isn't for the soul... =)

So Much Info, so little time

This is an information packed magazine which will take some time to read through. The recipes are great, the photos beautiful and I've only seen my first issue. A good buy!