Reviews For Food Network Magazine

A fun read

This is a bright, colorful, fun cooking magazine. It is NOT for people who are seriously looking for recipes if they have any health concerns. There are almost no recipes which end with nutrition information, like calories or cholesterol. When they do, you get a nasty surprise - one serving of a main course in the most recent issue was almost 1,000 calories!

I also object to the high percentage of recipes that contain ham or bacon. Not everyone wants this product, either because of health or religious reasons, but it is highly flavored and simply leaving it out means the dish will be very different.

Having said that, I renewed my subscription. It was more fun looking at this magazine every month than Eating Well (way too serious and extreme, IMO) or Saveur, which is more about food in a conversational sense than it is about recipes. They spent one whole issue talking about restaurants in Los Angeles. Seriously? A whole issue?

Food Network Magazine

I like that they place a picture (however small) at the very beginning of the magazine so that I can get exctied about what's to come. Also, I enjoy it when they put two different chefs to re-interpret a favorite recipe.They are so different! It's easy to read format is a winner, too. Can't wait for my next issue!!!

Great food magazine

I was impressed with the new magazine. Good recipes and, if you watch the Food Channel, you will enjoy reading about the different chefs.

Great Magazine With Some Nice Recipes, But Lots of Ads

This is a good magazine overall with a nice layout. There are interviews and features with food network stars, which is nice. I watch the food network a lot because it's informational and I don't need to worry about the content around my kids. The magazine is more of the same.

There's quite a few ads for gadgets and some articles that are also thinly veiled advertisements for kitchen utensils and fancy items. I understand that the magazine has to make money somehow. If you can ignore the advertisements (some obvious and others "not so" obvious), then I think this magazine is worth the subscription price, which is heavily discounted online.

Still a pretty good buy and something that you don't have to be embarrassed to put out on your coffee table when friends come over.

Food Network Magazine

Have only read one issue but so far really like this magazine. Lots of great recipes & nice stories. And I believe you can get some recipes on online as well.

Wife loves it

This is a no brainer, if your wife loves to cook it's a nice compliment to her arsenal of cooking knowledge.

So far, so good

The magazine arrived on time as stated. I ordered it as a gift, though no option for a gift comment was offered and the recipient didn't even know who it came from until I called. While I can't comment on the quality of the magazine (as it was a gift), my friend seems happy with it.

Great packaging

This magazine is packaged very well for the casual reader. I would term it more as a Food Network Magazine than a recipe digest as some people might expect it to be. Yes, there are some recipes but its more about cooking tools (pretty expensive ones at that), fancy gear, insight into Food Network chefs, book promotions and then a few recipes.
Don't take me wrong, I like it but it is definitely not for the recipes it packs.
And for the rare vegetarian chef/cooking enthusiast out there, not your kind of book.

Food Network magazine

I've enjoyed getting the magazine. Recipes are pretty easy to follow, and they offer interesting takes on tried-and-true recipes. I'm not much of a cook, but it's been interesting reading the magazine. I probably won't resubscribe when my subscription runs out, though. I just don't cook enough.

Could be more

I like this magazine, but really disappointed that there are not more articles on different cooking techniques. I wish it would give more cooking advise and less highlighting of chef's home kitchens.