Reviews For Food Network Magazine

Food Network Magazine

I loved this magazine so much I had this subscription sent to my grand-daughter in SC.

She Likes It

My granddaughter, who is a very good cook, requested this cooking magazine. She tells me she really, really likes it. If she likes it, I like it.

Love the recipes

Great magazine for anyone, and especially nice for someone who enjoys watching Food Network shows as you get to learn more about behind the scenes and the TV personalities and chefs. The photography work in this magazine is very energetic, and sometimes the photos drive the need to create a recipe rather than the ingredients themselves. Adverts weren't overbearing and my first issue had a pleasing amount of content to rummage through. I subscribed originally for the recipes, but find myself quite enjoying all the other articles inside.

Nicely Done Food Magazine for The Masses

I bought the first issue and have every issue now that I subscribe. This is a very well done food/lifestyle magazine for the everyday guy or gal who loves to cook. I've tried a few of the recipies and all came out great. I wish this publication featured more of Jamie Oliver because I love the way he cooks - - that's my only gripe. If you like to cook and you are not an extremely experienced cook, you'll like this magazine. I hope it's around for a long time!


Very Delighted with my Food Network Magazine! Arrived earlier than promised, beautifully put together. Great pictures! I really liked the recipe index with colored pictures & page numbers on them! I also like the personal tidbits on celebrity chefs, like the inside look into Bobby Flay's kitchen at home. I like the top secret recipe in "copy that!" The arrangement of the magazine was well put together with lots of color photos! I saw some recipes I will definitely try, one of them is Cat Cora's crispy "Fried" chicken, homemade pappardelle & pan-fried cod w/ slaw to name a few. Very happy with my purchase! Can't wait for the next issue to come!

Food Network Magazine

Love the magazine. A lot of good recipes from some of our favorite chefs. Looking forward to the next copy.
But as in most magazines, I would prefer less advertisements.

Contents are great, but I don't know about the delivery..

If you enjoy watching Food Network shows, you will love this magazine.
You will find not only the great recipes from Food Network but also some interesting things such as backstage story, chef surveys and etc. Almost every recipes come with beautiful pictures. I am also a huge fan of their 'almost famous..' recipes(basically copycat of famous restaurant recipes, they are very very close to the original). The only complain about this magaizne is, the delivery is not very good.
All of other magazines that I am subscribing (e.g. MSL, Everyday Food, Everyday with RR, Taste of Home...) arrive in before or at least on the same date they come out on magazine stands.
This one is ALWAYS late from several days to about a week, and finally, last month's issue never arrived. Yes, I understand that sometimes the mails could get lost, but when every issues run late like this, I can't help but question it. So, if you think the advantage of subsribing is an early delivery, that is not true for this magazine..

loaded with ads

recipes are ok. Pictures are polished. articles are well presented and organized. However way too many advertisements.

Food for real people

Magazine is loaded with practical recipes and tips that are useful to the everyday cook. No hard-to-find or expensive ingredients. Love this magazine!

Food Network Magazine

Love it! I read the articles, the recipes, everything. Definitely suggests delicious meals at home cooks can complete.