Reviews For First For Women Magazine

Can you relate?

This is another magazine that I am a faithful subscriber of. I have been reading this bi-monthly magazine for almost 3 years. I just happened upon it by chance one day and bought it because an actress was on the front and I wanted her haircut! Needless to say I have been hooked ever since.

First for women is a great magazine in my eyes. In every issue you will find great health tips, recipes, recipes, and more recipes. There is a pull out booklet in each issue that contains countless recipes and meal ideas. They also give you several different ways you can make a meal using just a few basic ingredients. This magazine is not like COSMO or GLAMOUR which focus on fashion and relationships. It focuses on the varying lifestyles that women need. Each issue has several ask "so and so" style articles where you can write in for advice on health, sex or even money issues. In every issue you will also find very, up to date decorating ideas that are easy to afford. You will also find a semi step by step guide to achieve the look that they are portraying in the magazine. You will also find your basic astrological horoscopes lingering among these pages along with vacation destinations.

This magazine is also big on health and fitness, and you will find numerous pages on how to get in shape and stay in shape. They also use real people that you can relate to that tell their success story on their fitness achievement.

If you are needing some financial help if you are in left field like some women, this magazine gives advice from other women on how to plan for your future, save money, and how they play the stock market and make money.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this magazine as I do!


A Magazine That Really Does Put You First

This magazine literally lives up to it's name. It puts you, as a woman, first and foremost.

It is loaded with a diverse selection of articles (and photographs) on a wide variety of topics. As well as input from readers (questions, ideas, suggestions and advice). And a whole lot more, all of which is directed at and for women.

First for women is focused more at young women in their 20's and 30's. Although I am in my forties, I read and enjoy this magazine. And, my teenage nieces like to check out the articles on makeup, hairstyles and fashion.

There are regular sections on Health (E-liminate allergies) and health related subjects such as The Sexual Health Report (Is my sex life normal?) as well as Nutrition (Cut your risk of stroke in half).

A Cookbook section is included which features several pages of healthy and delicious recipes (with easy to follow instructions and photographs).

Fashion tips (How to dress to show off your best assets). Beauty Advice (How to look your best using mineral-based makeup). I learned that mineral-based makeup wears longer than most others, and, is actually good for your skin. And Hairstyles (Quick fixes to improve your present hairstyle, whether it is stopping a frizz, adding body to lifeless hair, etc.)

Additional features cover fitness, finance, self-improvement, decorating, gardening, love and marriage, and more.

You can even take a quiz if you want to (How strong are your relationships?). Or, check out what the stars have in store for you by reading your horoscope.

First for women offers articles and regular features that are always informative, helpful and often fun to read. Easily one of the best magazines available for women. (Check out their sister publication "Woman's World".)


A Younger Woman's Day

First for women is one of those magazines you always find yourself reading in line at the grocery store. It always has some intriguing headline on the cover - "Burn fat 24 hours a day," "Lose 20 pounds without dieting," etc. So one day I actually found myself buying it. It's a pretty good all-around magazine. Sort of a Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping for a slightly younger crowd. I've bought a few issues now. Every issue has sections on fitness, beauty, life, family, recipes, home, advice, and "women like you" stories. Although I'm almost embarrassed to actually be buying the magazine (the "I'm really getting old" factor), I read every issue from cover to cover usually in one night. There's always something helpful that I find in each issue. The Thanksgiving issue gave me some terrific ideas for unusual holiday dishes and "perfect" turkeys. The October 4 issue had 172 low-fat versions of classic dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, etc. I also find the articles on self-fulfillment really inspirational - lots of tips on how to realistically pursue your dreams. The fashion pages show how to take the hottest looks and make them work for any body style, very helpful for those who are not Kate Moss. Each magazine also has a section on finding things online, although this is obviously written for Web novices. I liked this magazine because it seems to be targeted to adult women who don't necessarily have a husband and kids. Most other "women's" magazines assume everyone wants to know about diaper rash and see pictures of adorable grandkids. The fitness and diet segments are interesting, but each one is radically different. I just pick and choose useful info from each one, otherwise, you'd drive yourself crazy with a different plan every week. Overall, I think it's a good choice if you're looking to get info on home, health, beauty and fitness in one spot.


one of the best

I get a lot of magazines. I mean a lot. I believe First for Women is one of the best of the genre. I highly recommend it. I have gotten it for a couple of years now. Interestingly, I got turned on to it when I saw an article about weight loss that sounded like it might be just for me. I decided to sign on as a member afterwards.

It certainly has an interesting approach. Every issue has an "article" about weight loss, hair, food, finances and some other topics. Their is a different approach or slant to these topics in every issue. The information is put out in a clear and concise manner. I say article, but most of the content is divided up into little sections making it easier to access the information that one might need later. Their goal,so they say, is to make women's lives better in as many ways as they can. So there are also many inspirational articles about readers who learned how to live their dreams; how they dealt with adversity, or learned how to get something they really wanted out of life.

There are a lot good ideas in the magazine in every issue. There are many delicious-looking recipes also touted as being low in fat in the food section. The decorating section is one that I always look at first. There is a table setting idea in all of the issues. You can tell that the table setting ideas were all done by one designer, but still are clever and attractive without being pricey.

Compared to the old stand-bys like McCall's and Ladies Home Journal, First for Women might be a little slick, but it is certainly up-to-date.


Time For You!

"First" is a magazine geared toward "women on the go". It is for the stay at home mom, who does it all(mostly for everbody else). Chauffeur, team mom, cook, housekeeper, hostess, financial consultant, lover, nurse and referee. It is also invaluable to those who must juggle the responsiblities of work and home. The magazine contains dozens of tips and and articles pertaining to making life a little easier. To help you find some spare time and maybe devote a little of it to yourself. It puts you "First".

It's well oraganized. Just thumbing through, you'll find what your looking for, as the articles are grouped by subject, and headings for each subject are shown at the top right corner of the pages. In a recent issue that I read, the subject matter includes 'Style', where you will find a few pages of realistic, afforadable wear, and tips on what might suit you best, 'Health', 'Joy', where you may find some inspirational stories from real people, 'Mmmm", this is an entire section of recipes that may be pulled out to insert in a notebook, 'Home', 'Love' and 'Fun'. There is even a crossword puzzle, and some jokes to give you a nice lilttle chuckle, that may be needed.

It's a great magazine for real women, with some fabulous ideas for everything from quick meals to decorating, to adding a little romance and stretching the dollar. You'll even find some wonderful excercise and relaxation tips. The price is affordable and worth all the great info inside. Also, you will not find the advertisements taking up more space than the articles..very nice.

So if your looking for newsworthy events or what's happening in the world of entertainment, you'll need to find the time to look elsewhere for that(after all, we "women on the go", want time to be informed as well), but for some time for yourself, check out "First".


same old stuff

I enjoy this mag. Every month features inspirational weight loss stories and amazing new breakthrough supplements. The first half of the magazine is about why we're fat, stressed and sluggish; the second half features desserts with recipes and huge pictures of food.

Address changes

I really enjoy reading this magazine,especially during TV commercials. I travel in the winter and I have found it hard to change my address.

First For Women

Magazines never come quickly enough for me but this did sooner then some other mags I have ordered. No problems. I haven't seen First in awhile so I was surprise to see some changes. Coupons being one good change. Like the magazine.

Very good--but....

This is a good magazine with a lot of good advice and articles, however, every month features a new "astounding diet" with other diets interspersed in the book. Wish they would do away with that every month. Then I would give ti five stars.

First! again and again and....

I used to buy First for Women religiously. It was always my first choice, but then I noticed that I was trapped in a loop. Every issue seemed to be an almost exact replica of the issue before. And although other women's magazines also repeat certain types of articles they seem to have a better grasp at presenting information from a different angle so as not to seem very repetitious. First would do good to study their competition.

When I began reading First, I really did enjoy the articles that touched the many areas in my life. It was relevant and useful, but I buy it very rarely now due to the redundancy. I have found that other magazines tend to feed my desire for widely varying views on over-worked topics such as dieting and beauty.

While I do recommend First as an occasional purchase, I believe that a subscription is probably not the best route. Unless of course you like seeing the same information again and again and....