Reviews For First For Women Magazine

First real magazine for real women

I'm not one for buying magazines, most of what I am looking for is on the Internet. And if looking in magazines, it is just a small part of a large magazine making it not worth my while to purchase it.

First, however, combines a lot of different magazines into one. And they seem to cater to "REAL" women. Women that want to better themselves, don't want to be talked down to, and tend to be a lot like me. (or at least that is my impression)

Humor!! I love to laugh! And sometimes, as a mother of three, it is difficult to see the humor when a child has gotten into something they aren't supposed to be in. But even better, they also give the mom to see things from the child's point of view.

Cooking!! I'll admit it, not my forte. AND I have the worlds pickiest eaters at home, so I may not follow the recipes exactly, but it sure gives me some good ideas of how to expand our menu.

Real Life Stories!! These stories are submitted mostly about women (not all) and are usually stories of success. Whether the person was injured in a mountain climbing accident and how they recovered, or how they decided to be financially sound and made it. Also survivor stories (both from the survivors point of view, and the "surviving" families point of view. Some make you laugh, others make you cry, but they usually all make you think.

Make Overs!! Don't we all want someone to make us over. Give us the hairstyles and makeup tips so we can leave the house in 5 minutes and be absolutely gorgeous? Well, ok, they may not be that good ... the only person I know who can do that is Jane Jetson and that is only because she has a computer do it for her. BUT, I have gotten some really good tips, and a few interesting hairstyles from the magazine.

Housing Designs!! As a soon to be home-owner, I love this section! I never knew there was a plan of how pictures should be hung over a fire-place. Making a room look bigger, or creating built in shelves will be great when we finally move in. And great ideas how to better organize!

TIPS for the imaginative!! Who ever thought you could get a stain out by scrubbing tooth paste onto it would work? Ever think of saving your flashlight or camera from the rain on a campout by placing it in a clear ziplock? You can still use it without the chance of ruining it.

If you are looking for a magazine that works to give you good information, keep a sense of humor, and make you more imaginative in your life, First Magazine is definitely for you!


First with me!

I have to commend a women's magazine that doesn't make you feel less than human if you're not Elle McPherson, Tyra Banks, or any other super duper model, or model thin and gorgeous!!!

This magazines covers everything from health issues, how to improve your health, wellbeing, mental attitude, family life, your personal feelings, etc.

This magazine is an issue that when it comes, I just can't put it down. I have had a subscription for about 2 years, and I just love it all. Some magazines loose me on fashion, family, career, finances, and other areas. But, everything is so realistic, enticing, and it just draws me in.

I love reading the issues from front to back. They have very intelligent presentations for any question or issue that you may have ranging from human sexuality to personal finances and how to succeed.

If you have a chance, pick up this magazine, I swear, you'll never put it down. They also always have terrific helpful hints and terrific recipes, in case you're looking for new ideas!!!

This is the place to go.



Welcome to the Information highway

I buy alot of magazines each month ,but I especially look forward to getting the new First for Woman magazine. Every issue is packed so full of information. I have never been dissatisfied with an issue from them.

This magazine gives alot of advice on health and fitness. Their are always fashion and beauty secrets and advice. This magazine keeps me up to date on style. You can always find good recipes in here too.

In every Issue-

Solutions for your life- This section offers great ideas for solutions to different problems in your life . Readers can send in their ideas and have them printed.

Crossword puzzle- A large crossword puzzle to stimulate your mind. Included is a brain teaser and jokes.

Smart solutions- This section is alot like the smart solutions for life except the solutions are more for things around the home and items rather than life issues.

Horoscope- They give a great horoscope each issue. Your horoscope will focus on relationships, career, and life.

Travel- They give you great information on different vacation destinations. If you like to travel or are just looking for ideas for your next vacation this section is great.

You deserve a laugh- This section is great! Readers send in their funny pictures and stories. They have little cartoons that are so funny. This page will definetly make you laugh.

I would recommend this magazine for any woman. It has something for everyone!


This is a must for women of every age and race.

I love this magazine!!! My mom started subscribing and I thought it was a magazine written for women her age. I was wrong! This is my favorite magazine!

The tips for everyday life are wonderful. There are quick fixes for minor aches & pains, stains on furniture, kids, husbands, hair, makeup, sex,food, diet, etiquette, you name it its there.

The articles are all pretty short , it's amazing how quick I go through the magazine. The good thing is I want to keep them because I might need one of the tips later so I hang on to the magazine.

I like the fact that it isn't busting the seems with advertisements! There's very few if you even notice them at all.

The regular issues are make-up fixes, 3 different ways to do every hair type, new make-up, horoscopes, a new diet idea from a doctor, recipes for the season (they include cards you can cut out to save your favorite recipe), pieces on bonding with your children. There's even a Q&A on sex related,medical and etiquette questions. They have decorating tips on ways you can use everyday objects to make spectacular decorations for your home.

There's one exotic location featured each month for travel suggestions. They tell you which starts go there. There's also a horoscope section. I never feel like I get bored with the magazine or that it's the same old thing.

It's a mix of teen magazines, Vogue, Family Circle all bundled in one. I love it, now my mom got me a subscription too!


"First" In My Book!

I never dreamed I would be reading the same magazines as my own mother, but First appeals to not only the older woman but to the younger woman as well! At a more than affordable newsstand price, First magazine offers a variety of topics such as diet and exercise, relationship advice, health issues, and the latest styles.

I enjoy the "Smart Solutions" article, which is featured in every issue! This article offers all sorts of excellent household ideas, for example, how to get your chrome fixtures shinier, and how to get rid of hard to reach cobwebs.

What I most enjoy about "First" magazine is how it appeals to the every day average woman, not the rail thin runway model. They feature apparel that I could very well see myself wearing, rather than clothes you would only see a model fashion on the catwalk. Since my mother likes "First" magazine so much, I order her a subscription every Christmas, and I benefit when she finishes reading the magazine. I get to take them home to read!!!


Top notch

The First for Women magazine is a very informative magazine. It has many different areas that it gets involved with. I began reading the magazine with their very first issue which was only 25 cents. Now the magazine is just a little over a Dollar. I try to get each issue. I love the hair styles that they have in it. They are great to take to your stylist because they have the lengths of each style for the stylist to go by. It has clothes to fit each person. The nutrition discussed in the magazine is very helpful. The advice columnists are also very helpful. It also has great ideas for decorating and helpful hints to use around the house such as getting stains out. It even has cute jokes to read. All of this for just over a Dollar is a great deal. I'm glad someone finally met the needs of women with out going into the sex pot of society.


First is First!!

I personally love the First Magazine. It has so many different things to read about that you certainly come away from it feeling like you are a more knowledgeable person that you were prior to reading it. It has a lot of pictures, so it is a very visual magazine. It touches on just about every subject that I think is important to a woman. It ranks right up there as #1 in my book, as well as being competative with Woman's Day, Family Circle etc. If you like First For Women, you might want to also try Women's World.


Easy and informative!

One of the reasons I buy this magazine is because, for one, it is
affordable, but most of all because it is packed full of
all different categories of articles, from cooking,
to decorating, to beauty, to women's stories. It is
also very easy to read and not full of advertisements
like some of the other magazines are. I especially like the article concerning diet and health, and also the articles concerning hairstyles.

Woman's day is another magazine I like, but it
is not as geared towards health and beauty as First is.
First is one magazine that I will keep for reference,
long after I discard most other magazines.


Fun flipper

This magazine has great recipes (at least they Look delicious) that are light or a good party pleaser, the recipies are actually written on the back of the picture so this has been the best mag if you just want to cut out the little square that takes one fourth of the page and put it in your collection.
Not that the fun stops there. This magazine has tons of pictures of celebrities usually in some form of a "mistake" and a "fix it" article. Yes the mag is definatly written for woman (though I am a guy) because it has details about fixing hair and clothes (which I was amazed that they had reasonably priced clothing)... overall I found that this mag was for actual practical use! Also every issue is written in a supportive way about how to focus on the body with a healthy diet.
I would suggest this to any female even if you just go pay the newstand price of 2.50 per issue. There are little antics through out the magazine which make it perfect to look through at an office or in luxery in what free time you can muster.


This magazine has really neat household hints and wonderful recipes. The magazine touches base on everything a woman needs, uses and wants!