Reviews For First For Women Magazine

First Magazine

This is a great magazine if your looking for alternative medicines and ideas to good health and problems around the home. I save all my issues to reference back to as needed. I like the fact that there are ideas and remedies that can be used safely and with no drugs. It's great reading.

First has got it all!

Reading every new issue of First is like sitting down for a chat with a friend. Get yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up -- and it's an instant little vacation. I have honestly learned some very valuable facts from this entertaining women's publication. Fashion, food, family, the work place, money issues, hobbies... What more could you ask?

One of My 2 Favorites!

With little to no time to do anything, this magazine is one of my 2 favorites to grab for a quick read. It contains a wide array of subjects in each issue, has a wonderful layout and format, and is very well written.

Can't put it down

It takes me two evenings to read this magazine cover to cover! It is full of very interesting information.

Great Magazine

This magazine has so much usefull information you will read it cover to cover !!! Great illustrations too


I haven't got my first issue yet but the magazine was really good when I read it before.

Great magazine for stay-at-home-moms or working moms!

I am primarily a stay-at-home mom and I have to say I love this magazine. I love all of the colorful pictures, recipes, and interesting tips for just about everything. Unlike some other magazines that are full of articles that are somewhat damaging to the soul, this magazine never gives me that, "ugh" feeling like, "I really shouldn't be reading this." I really like the sections that involve moms and kids (of course). I also really like the neat entertainment articles and I find it refreshing that they use famous people who are not in the gossip magazines, but usually working and busy moms and women like myself! I recommend this magazine!

what a great magazine!

First for Women really is a great magazine. It is made for real women, not stick people with fascinating lives. Just the basics and tips for good living and real ideas of how to dress and feel good about yourself, diet, recipes it's all good!

First for Women Magazine

This is my favorite magazine. I don't bother buying any others. I've gained a lot of practical and useful information over the years of reading it. I finally broke down and got a subscription, which saves a lot of money. I am always looking for the latest news in the health and diet genera; mostly holistic approaches interest me, and First always includes unbiased finds and trends so I can make up my own mind if it will work for me. They have recently started including a section on herbs and spices, how they help you and how to include them in your meal planning with plenty of recipes to get you started. About three years ago I started compiling a personal database of their information to help me better understand my body and how to improve it. First has divided the magazine into sections like health, love, kids, food, decorating, etc. I read every word. It's the only magazine I have ever found I can say that about.

If I had a negative comment it would be that they have started including a lot more advertizing (mostly for dangerous diet drugs) and have started putting coupons here and there. I don't mind the coupons, but they should be placed in their own section so you don't have to lose an article because you wanted to use a coupon.

One of my favorites!

Every time I find a new issue of First, I buy it. It has terrific tips on health, shopping, cooking, and all the things that pertain to women today.