Reviews For First For Women Magazine

Top Notch Publication!

I've been reading FIRST magazine for several years and it never fails to entertain and enlighten me with every turn of the page. It offers something for every, beauty, health, self-help, decorating, and yummy recipes, just to name a few. FIRST is extremely well written, affordable, and I have never been disappointed with an issue.

Love this Magazine!

I love this magazine for it's indepth coverage of important issues for women. It is a quick read and perfect for my busy schedule. I would recommend it to anyone.

The wife loves it

I asked my sister-in-law what I should buy my wife for a birthday present and she suggested this magazine. We recently moved house and she'd been telling everyone that she didn't want any presents because we have no room. She was thrilled when I took her out for dinner and gave her a subscription to her favorite magazine!

Love the Health section

Been getting this magazine from the local supermarket and love the health/weight loss stories! This is a magazine you dont recognize by name but it has some nice quality stories.

FIRST For Women - One of the greatest magazine's on the market

I'm not much of a magazine reader. Like most people, I'll skim the covers at the grocery store checkout but subscribe to few magazines that are interesting enough to me to have delivered to my home. First For Women is the premiere magazine for not just me, but my mom and sister as well. For YEARS, my mother has talked about an article she read, or had a page ripped out and circled for me to read.

When I moved to SC, my mother made sure I had my own subscription. In my heavier days, when both my mother and I were trying to find ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle, my mother and I read all of the recommendations First had to offer and I contribute a lot of my fitness and dieting adjustments to articles I've read int hat publication.

Like I said, very few printed publications are worth my while, but First is a family favorite that is always a pleasure to read!

First For Women

Although I have not started receiving my subscription yet, I buy every new issue at a local retailer (for more money, of course) and just love it! It's one of the best magazines and read it cover to cover!! I look forward to having it delivered to me so that I can start enjoying it even sooner.

Listening to my Dreams Saved my Life - my story - Wanda Burch, author of SHE WHO DREAMS,

FIRST FOR WOMEN granted me the incredible privilege of an interview and story under "Light the Way," in their September 5, 2005, issue, pages 102-103. I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor whose book, SHE WHO DREAMS, tells the story of my survival and my use of dream imagery - in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy - in the healing process. The writer, Lisa Maxbauer, and their photographer, Gina Renzi, were helpful, considerate, and generous with their time, their questions, and - together - produced an incredible tribute to my book and to my life. I would recommend FIRST FOR WOMEN for all women - and men. The variety of topics is astonishing, ranging from health and diet to social dialogue and family humor. My life goal is for my own story to make a difference in other people's lives - FIRST FOR WOMEN has provided me one more opportunity to make that happen.

First for Women magazine

My wife loves this magazine. She would buy it occasionally at the
supermarket, but getting a subscription is so much cheaper per issue.
She says it is chock full of household tips, recipes, health information, decorating and so much more. She just got her first issue the other day and was so tickled. You need to be patient though. It almost 2 months to get the first issue after I ordered it for her.

First Magazine

First Magazine is a rich sourse of helpful current information. A concise way to stay up on what's new.

The Only Magazine I need !

I just adore your magazine. I have been reading it for the past 5 or more years. I have share my copy witrh friends and family members. Now they call to discuss articles with me. I especially love your health information but I think too much space is used up on the hair do section. Iwould like to have more information on money management.
If it is possible can you please send me a copy of 1/26/04 article on Flush the Fat diet.
Thank you for a great procduct.

Olivia M. Colon