Reviews For Everyday Food Magazine

One or two interesting recipes in each issue

I've been getting this magazine for about 6 months now and I will not be renewing. I only find about 1-2 recipes in each issue that are of interest to me. I would much rather get another cooking magazine that has tastier looking recipes with ingredients that I have a chance of using in another recipe as well. It's an okay magazine, but I guess it really isn't my taste.

Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine

Way too much advertising first of all. Secondly when I think of everyday foods, I tend to think of foods that I have most of the ingredients for already and only have to buy a few things. I would not recommend or buy this for anyone.

"Still buying it off the newstand"

I really would really be a lot happier if this would start coming. I've already bought 2 issues all because the subscription has gone somplace else. I guess.

Don't bother!

Although this little magazine looks adorable on the newsstand, each month provides a desperate and poorly researched collection of recipes. The pictures are pure eye candy, but the recipes are just absurd. Don't waste your money. All this magazine achieves is to provide more money for the Martha dynasty, not to do anything to help you around the kitchen!

Too frou-frou...

I hate this magazine. I subscribed sight-unseen based on the good reviews, and find the recipes are for food that no one in my house would ever eat...way too exotic. If you like good ol' American fare, don't buy this one.