Reviews For Everyday Food Magazine

Best Source for Everyday Recipes

This little magazine is a gem. I've not found a better source for inexpensive and healthy recipes. They're so easy to follow that they're basically foolproof. I've probably tried hundreds of recipes from Everyday Food over the years, and I can only think of two or three that my family didn't like.

Great magazine

Purchased this as a gift for someone and they love it. First copy got to them much faster than I would have expecte.

Delicious Food!

I love this magazine. It is small so I can put it in my purse to look at or take it to the grocery store when shopping. Most of the recipes don't require that many ingredients. I have started to cook with a lot more vegetables because of this magazine. A lot of the recipes have cooking times under an hour. I wish I would've known about this magazine when I first got married because I didn't have a clue how to cook. I've given subscriptions to several of my young married friends and they all love it. The only gripe I would have is that there are quite a few adds.

Small enough to take to the grocery store

I particularly like the size of this magazine as it is small and compact. It fits in my purse and I can just look at the recipe and shop for the ingredients without having to make a separate shopping list.

Every Day Food

I ordered the subscription to Everyday Food for my daughter. She loves to cook and has used recipes from the magazine; thus the reason she requested a subscription. She would be better able to review the product because of her experience with the magazine. She has not started receiving the subscription yet, however. Her first issue is set to arrive in February.

Magazine lives up to its name: easy food for everyday

I picked up this magazine after a co-worker mentioned how much she enjoyed it. Having now picked up several issues it seems like the "USA Today" of food magazines because it is extremely visual, digestible and approachable. Because of this, I think it is perfect for a beginning or casual cook who wants to cook delicious, flavorful food, but may not have the time or patience for a lot of steps or ingredients. While it is part of the Martha Stewart family of publications, it feels more casual and practical than Martha Stewart Living and will also appeal to those who appreciate her recipes, but have less interest in more general advice about home and decorating. Most recipes are fairly easy and straightforward to make and do not require hard-to-find ingredients. The magazine also shares some tips and techniques every issue to help cooks improve their skills and become more comfortable in the kitchen. But don't assume that its simplicity means lackluster meals. I have actually been very impressed with everything I have made thus far. Among my personal favorites is a recipe for Chicken Enchiladas with a Spicy Pumpkin Sauce, which delivers exceptional flavor with few ingredients. As a more experienced cook the only thing that amuses me a little is that it sometimes provides recipes for things that are so straight forward they don't seem to justify a recipe (i.e. Eggs in a Basket). However, these recipes are few and far between and from speaking to others who have subscribed to or read this magazine, can be very appealing and helpful to those with less experience. Another notable difference between this magazine and others I enjoy like Cooking Light and Gourmet is that you do not tend to get more in-depth articles about food, nutrition, etc. This magazine is truly all about the recipes. Overall, I think this magazine will be most appreciated by beginning and casual cooks, but that the flavor of the recipes tends to be so spot on that even more advanced cooks may find something to love.

This magazine is just O.K.

I usually find 1 recipe in each issue that I like. It is small and usually doesn't have too many recipes. I do like that it has a section on freezable recipes. I've enjoyed my subscription but won't be renewing.

Quality fast food

Everyday Food, a Martha Stewart publication, specializes in giving easy-to-follow recipes that are nutritional and quick to produce. Five fresh ingredient recipes are the key to good health and good cooking, according to Everyday Food, and indeed they seem to be on to something. An economical approach to weeknight dinners that are good enough to impress your guests.

More Veggie Entrees Please

I have subscribed to EDF since its beginning. In reviewing the back issues, there is an inevitable pattern. Lots of ways to cook chicken. A shrimp dish. Beef. Pork. Recently EDF recommended eating one (ONE!) vegetarian meal a week. The cost of livestock farming to the environment has been well documented. And I want to do my share. And yet, the age-old question: "What's for dinner?" which looms large... often by default leads to: chicken. shrimp. beef. pork. MSL has a real opportunity to shape people's buying and eating habits. EDF: Please! Give us more vegetarian ideas. I don't need to renew for more of the same.

Good, not Great

I ordered this based on ratings, not realizing that it's not a full sized magazine. Regardless of that, it's good, but not great. I already get Cooks Illustrated and Cooking Light and just wasn't blown away with the content.