Reviews For Everyday Food Magazine

Now we are talking

I am a good cook, when I feel like it. most of the time I pick up a cookbook or a magazine, I would like to try things but would have to go to the grocery store or buy a new pan, etc. Picked up my first "everyday food" from the checkout line. I liked that it was in a smaller digest size and the pictures looked appealing. I didn't expect to really be cooking from it right away. figured I could save some recipes for a holiday or a free weekend. I took it to bed with me that night and scanned it from cover to cover.

I have made 5 recipes from this first issue. and 2 of them I have made more than once. they were all simple to prepare, had ingredients I already had in my kitchen and didn't require massive amounts of prep work. the recipes were easy to follow, and turned out so delicious that I couldn't get over myself for making them. Most of them used one pan, one bowl one knife and less than 10 ingredients. my copy is already dog-eared and I have marked several other recipes I am going to try. delicious food that turned out looking remarkably like the photography (which is very nice)

here's the clincher. EVERY recipe has the nutritional breakdown for calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber. so no matter what sort of diet you are on, or even if you are not, you have the information.

I will be subscribing. it is a little on the expensive side for a cooking magazine. but I have already taken more from it than I paid for the news-stand price so I feel it is worth the money. I will probably base my thanksgiving and christmas menus off of this magazine, at least til I get the next issue.

a real timesaver for the mom of young kids

This magazine has really blown me away. I wish there was some way to measure the amount of time it has saved me in the kitchen! I bought it at first because of the master shopping list in the front which allows me to stock up my pantry and freezer at the start of each month and then make smaller trips for each weeks' worth of food.

I like the Have You Tried? feature which helps me introduce new foods to my husband and toddlers. I really like how the recipes are designed to use the same ingredient several times... I'm not left with 3/4 cup of some odd condiment which will sit in my fridge for a year and then get thrown out.

I absolutely love the meal index; I check off each recipe as I make it which allows me to glance at the overall picture of our diet and see if I have given my family enough variety of different meats and vegetarian entrees. There are side dishes, after school snacks, breakfast ideas, a microwave recipe, a freezer recipe... they really have taken the time to cover all bases. In fact, in just a few short months it has gotten to the point where this magazine is all I cook from. My cookbooks are gathering dust :-) It has simplified my life to such an extent that when my mother called to see if I would bring a dessert to a family party, I grabbed the magazine and read her the list of 6 recipes. We picked one that would be easy to make and transport. It was a lot easier than brainstorming what to choose out of the hundreds of desserts one could possibly make.

I like that the recipe is all on one page - I attach it to my range hood with a magnetic clip and everything is easy to read but out of the way, not getting food spilled on it. I also love the size which fits perfectly in my handbag and in a Ziploc bag once the month is over. I put the magazine pages for each issue in a bag with the index on top and when my husband asks about a recipe, I can easily glance at each one until I find the dish he wants.

And I'll tell you another thing... many of the dishes contain salt and pepper and maybe one other spice. The food is light and fresh tasting and delicious. In fact, since I throw out my jarred spices after one year and replace them, my pantry shelf is down to just a handful because that's all that are called for in the magazine. This magazine has saved me a TON of money. Not to mention time! My kids are 3, 1 1/2 and 6 months and this magazine has been a lifesaver in every way. The cooking techniques are so easy that I can often prepare dinner with my oldest daughter, which she loves. And I love that I am in and out of the kitchen quickly (most recipes I have found are less than 30 minutes) and I am enjoying my time in there more than ever. In fact, I even have the energy most nights to clean up the kitchen after I'm done :-)

I could go on and on but the most salient point is this: I feel healthier cooking from this magazine. My fridge is packed with produce like it never was before! I'm actually proud of the food I feed my family and that is worth every cent I've paid for this subscription and then some.

Absolutely Fabulous

I've been a Martha Stewart fan for some time now and at one time subscribed to Martha Stewart Living. As disappointed as I was with MSL I am thrilled with Everyday Foods! This small magazine carries a big punch in every issue. Every recipe I made has been successful and good and some have been phenomenal. But the biggest selling point is the ease with which these taste sensations can be made because they boast simple ingredient lists, uncomplicated techniques and instructions and cooking times most under an hour. In addition, there are pages dedicated to educating with useful tips, techniques, how to guides and even 101 courses on things like wine. The recipe index in the back is useful, but the newly added nutritional info index really takes this one to the next level.

I've subscribe to countless other cooking magazines, most of which got initially purused then stacked somewhere to gather dust. Everyday foods has a special place on my cookbook shelf, but doesn't stay there long. These days it gets more play than any other cookbook and even my recipe file.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to cook, anyone who would like to learn to cook, anyone who wants to eat homecooked food but doesn't have a lot of time to prepare meals and well just about anyone else! I only hope they offer a hardbound edition annually as my magazines are sure to wear out from overuse!

Great for a working woman!!!

Everything about this magazine makes it ideal for a woman who works 10-12 hours a day and still likes to cook dinner every once in a while. It fits in every one of my purses, the recipes are simple, many have fewer than 10 ingredients and most do not take more than an hour to prepare and cook!! To top it all off - every recipe I have made was excellent!! I've tried several of the recipes and have been very happy with the results each time!

A Martha Stewart Magazine for the rest of us!

I couldn't say enough good things about this magazine if I tried...
I buy magazines all the time and had just recently stopped buying MSL. While that too is fab magazine, I'd often think, "Wow, that's a great recipe/project/idea. Maybe one day when I don't have a life outside of being a happy homemaker I can spend the time to do that..." This magazine is different - recipes for real people! The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The ingredients don't require shopping at specialty food stores and high-tech gadgets are not required. It is the first time I have made more than one dish from every issue so far. There are even recipes that use the leftovers!
A big thanks to Martha for thinking of the rest of us...

Super user-friendly

Before I discovered this fabulous magazine, I was never able to get into Martha Stewart Living publications because of the "do it all from scratch" style Martha preaches. However, Everyday Food isn't like that at all. It's always filled with pages of delicious and simple dishes, from appetizers to desserts, that aren't time-consuming to prepare. Perfect for a career girl like me.

This magazine is truly different from other MSL magazines and clearly is done with a specific target audience in mind: meaning those of us who love to cook, but aren't interested in doing everything from scratch.

Even my husband, Mr. Macho Guy, looks to this magazine for ideas when it's his week to cook. Whether you are a fan of creative new dishes, like me, or a fan of awesome comfort food, like my husband, this magazine is a great source to kick your meals up a notch!

Yummy yummy! Enjoy!

Wonderful, Useful, fun magazine

This summer I picked up a copy of this magazine for the first time. I ended up cooking seven or eight things out of that one issue! They were all wonderful and simple, but not so simple as to be dull. I made strawberry bread, peach cobbler, lime cookies with lime glaze, pork kabobs with apple and red onion, steak and cherry tomato kabobs, among other things. I am now a devoted fan of this magazine. I have subscribed to many cooking magazines for years and this is definitely the best one I have ever seen. Can't wait for the next issue.

Easy and good

I have been getting this magazine for a year now. I have a few new favorites I make on a regular basis. The pictures are pretty. The prep times have been accurate for my cooking speed. The ingredients are all easy to find in my local grocery store. There is detailed nutrition info available for the dieters. So if you are looking for some nice new things to make this is a great way to find them.

It has recipes you can really use.

This magazine is completely useful. It is filled with good recipes you can put together any day of the week. It features pictures with their recipes so you know what your dinner is susposed to look like. It also lets you know suggestions and alternatives for what you can do with your left-overs.

This magazine has a well rounded assortment of recipes that are meatless, make ahead, and much more. What I really like is there is also a nice cross section of side dish, salad, dessert recipes along with a couple of informational articles each week. This is one of the few food magazines that really encourages you to use what you have on hand, and adapt recipes. Ingredients aren't too exotic that you won't find them. Instructions are clear and concise.

I would highly recommend this recipe magazine to anyone that wants to liven up their day to day cooking, or for someone looking for some new and fresh ideas in cooking.

The Best of Martha Stewarts magzines

As a subscriber to Martha Stewarts magazines I have to admit this has become my favorite, simply because its concise and interesting to boot. Love the Week End dinner section, as well as the Recipe Index at the front of the magazine which is helpful when I am looking for something quick to consider fixing, but do not have the time or desire to sit down and read the whole magazine.

Some of the other regular features that I like and find helpful are the Cooking for One section, since as a widow I hate wasting food and know of many other singles who want to eat healthy but need some ideas. Also like the Wine Basics section which has enlightened me on new wines that I now like trying. In Season is a great section because it reminds the reader what is in season, which makes shopping and cooking easier.

The size of the magazine is nice because it slips easily into my pocket so I can recheck it while shopping to see what items I have highlighted to pick up. This is also a great magazine for couples, singles of all ages, which is refreshing since so many magazines are geared to upper middle class, 2.5 children homes. And... the magazine seems to improve with each new issue.