Reviews For Everyday Food Magazine

The great little recipe book!

I subscribed to Everyday Food on a whim and am so glad I did. Fresh, seasonal recipes, also very well illustrated and documented recipes, not to mention easy! I subscribe to other "higher end" cooking magazines, but find myself always grabbing this one to sort through first. The recipes (typically) will not be complicated for most and will not require an ingredient that most Americans cannot find (which I find so refreshing!). If you are a novice or experienced chef, any home cook could benefit from this magazine. Now, if ya'll would excuse me, I have some cranberry scones in the oven (from this magazine, of course!)

Not only for collecting, you can actually cook from it

Out of all of my subscriptions this one that gets used the most. The magazine is small but not hard on they eyes and it fits in my bag perfectly so I can take it with me, read it on the bus and by the time I hop off I can use it as my shopping list in any grocery store. I would usually scan or photocopy a recipe from a book or magazine or write out the ingredients but this cuts all those steps, I love it!

The entire layout is very pleasing, from the font to the page colors, pictures and user friendly menus. The only hard part about it is which recipe to pick, because everything always looks good and the food is not pretentious, its food that is meant to be eaten and not constructed with a lot of sweating involved. From macaroni and cheese to rustic stews, fish dishes and new ways to make chicken I am always learning something new and interesting about food and preparation. I have recently enjoyed few dishes from the October 07 issue and amongst my favorites was a tasty Moroccan chicken stew with sweet potatoes with lemon , saffron and cinnamon, a Vegetarian black-bean chili, a sweet and crunchy Apple crisp and I wont forget to mention the Light chicken pot tie made with flaky phyllo crust. It's fun to make new things and add them to my repertoire for future meals, I always try to brighten my horizons when it comes to cooking new things.

The magazine does a wonderful job of educating the reader about spices and herbs, each issue has tips and tricks and keeps an eye on nutrition. And let's face it, if you don't use your cookbook/magazine than what good is it? Sure I like to look at pretty pictures and fantasize of making something one day but when it boils down to the daily grind and coming home tired, a hot tasty meal that is new and easy never disappoints.

- Kasia S.

A Compact Treasure

Finally, a food magazine for people who are looking for inspiration and not complications.

These recipes are designed for people who need to get dinner on the table and don't have a staff to clean up after them.

Every issue introduces you to a product you might not have tried and offers several recipes utilizing that product. I remember one issue had eggplant, for example. They do the same with spices. One time they featured coriander. Other usual features are Cooking for One, Seasonal Fruits and Veggies, and Freeze It (where they give complete directions for freezing and reheating an item).

The photos are good but, not so picture-perfect as to be intimidating. There are helpful pointers and tips with just about every recipe.

I'd say that this little magazine is for people who need to cook but, need a little inspiration to get going. It would also work for beginning cooks as they do explain and/or illustrate the techniques very well.

Love it!

I actually make the recipes in this magazine.
The recipes are simple but interesting. The nutritional information is also great. This is my favorite cooking magazine by far.

The best cooking magazine I have used.

This is by far the best cooking magazine I have used...the recipes are easy, healthy, and most of all delicious.


My grandmother, who I often consult on recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques, got me a subscription to this magazine. She handed me 2 issues in person. I loved the issues so much, I couldn't wait for my subscription to kick in and ended up buying the December issue from the check-out line.

I love the little educational columns "how to buy chicken!" and find the recipes easy to follow. Even better are the pictures of how to prepare the meal.

My only complaint is that I see a recipe and can never remember which mag it is in for future reference. I'd love to see a book.

Lastly----what's with the chiles in adobo sauce?! They seem to be in a lot of recipes for such a rare ingredient!

Great recipe magazine

I spent many months borrowing from the library, but decided I loved the quick and interesting recipes that I had to have it in my collection. Helpful hints in every issue. Great for the busy family.

wonderful mag with interesting recipes

I love this magazine, and have given subscriptions as gifts to other friends that enjoy cooking. The thing that I like about the recipes is that they aren't filled with brand names and recommendations, they integrate seasonal items that I might not normally stock up on, and they usually have suggestions for how to transform leftovers. This last part makes it especially nice when cooking for one or two people. I have yet to dislike any of the recipes that I've made, and I've been subscribing for four years. Absolutely love it!

Everyday Food magazine for everyday

The Everyday Food magazine is a great investment. It has fairly simple recipes that are very good. My whole family gets involved in making things out of this magazine. My husband, who is a wonderful chef, finds these recipes to be exceptional as well. AND THAT'S a testament to the genuine quality that comes out of Everyday Food magazine.

worth the subscription!!!

Great, everyday recipes that you will truly use! Easy to follow and good recipes!!