Reviews For Esquire Magazine

a timely mag

Esquire is an enjoyable men's magazine filled with interesting stories, current/classic men's fashion and fashion tips, as well as beautiful photography and some celebrity interviews.

Great Mag. Poor Timing.

I like the magazine. I just don't understand why, when computers make money transfers instantaneous, it takes over a month to begin my subscription.

magazine confirmation

I think it is great to get a discount on the magazine of your choice but why doesn't the magazine confirm that we are getting a discount so that there is an understanding of how long (months) the magazine will be coming to our front door. That way we don't have to wonder whether the discount was reported to the magazine and that we are getting it. It seems the right way to handle the magazine discount business. gerald moorehead.

just fine, and probably will renew

Pretty interesting articles, and refreshing broad topics. Biggest complaint is lots of ad's, but then again its good for them as print magazines are struggling.

Class Act

The older I get, the more I appreciate this magazine. It's for real men and the recommendations keep me dressing, as well as smelling, great thanks to the clothing and cologne ads.

Is This Wired or Esquire?

Being a mature reader (age-wise) I was a little disappointed to see the tiny print and attention-deficit coverage in the articles. It isn't the Esquire of old now with shallow topic coverage, nineteen items per page and form (visual style) over content.

And the print size of this review is larger than the font in the magazine.

It's no wonder it costs less than the postage.

Why do magazines still take so long to start arriving?

It's a magazine subscription, and it hasn't started arriving yet. Thus nothing to review, except that I wonder why it takes publishers so long to start mailing out the mags. That hasn't changed since I sold subs door-to-door for school!

Not bad for value, but...

The content can be a little lacking and buried behind pages and pages of ads. But for the price, what can you expect?

There are some good things but not as good as it used to be

I'm a photographer so I like to look at the pictures. Sometimes you get some great articles but often they are boring.
Still, for the price, you could do worse.
What kind of review is this?
It is the kind of review you get when the writer has a cold.

Not as good as GQ

It wasn't long ago that I had no previous experience with Esquire, but I'd been led to believe that it had more substance than GQ, which had always seemed a little shallow in content to me. While it's true that Esquire strives to offer more literary content than GQ, the result is only slightly better than Maxim, except that it targets men instead of teenage boys. I've been receiving Esquire for a year now and I have to say that I'm surprised by how much this magazine has disappointed me in that time.

To put it simply, if you want to follow men's fashion, subscribe to GQ. If you want content for teenage boys, subscribe to Maxim or Mad Magazines. If you want literature, news or political commentary, there are a plethora of options available and most all of them do a better job than Esquire. In it's current form, Esquire is a whole lot of nothing with it's smart-alec quips that seem to come from middle-aged men going through an identity crisis, un-enlightening stories that never seem to tell you anything and a scant smattering of men's fashion content. This is a magazine that attempts to do too much and does none of it very well.

My advice to Esquire publishers would be to stick with men's fashion content -- especially by concentrating on fashion-related articles, advice, tips, etc -- and stay away from competing in the political and social arenas, where you're far outmatched. To be fair, I actually read several of your magazines from cover to cover and not once did I ever read a single story without wishing that I hadn't wasted my time. The topics are often intriguing, but the articles, themselves, always left me empty and without the answers seemingly promised by the titles. This is why I said that Esquire is a whole lot of nothing.