Reviews For Esquire Magazine

The best men's mag, period.

I've been a subscriber for several years and look forward to ESQUIRE'S arrival every month. Every month there's smart writing, great profiles and an irreverent tone. If you're a stylish dude (and have a fat wallet) you'll get even more out of ESQUIRE'S monthly fashion advice; the rest of us can just dream...

In short, at these subscription rates you really cannot go wrong.

The Best Men's Magazine Out There

I've been a regular reader of Esquire for just about 15 years. I'll probably be a reader for another 15. No other men's magazine compares: "GQ" might be twice as thick-full of ads, maybe an interesting article once in a while. "Men's Vogue" just doesn't have any personality that I can determine, where "Esquire" has a very definitive voice, full of character. "Details" is a whole lot of nothing-Maybe a page or two on something that might be interesting if it were developed. I'll not even mention "Maxim". Esquire's got, and has had, the most interesting writers. I consistently read it cover to cover.


This is a great magazine for guys like myself that want to find ways to constintly look great.

Woman's Point of View

In my opinion, it's one of the best magazines in the market. I read it from cover to cover. It's not just ads and pretty pictures of semi-gods. There are actually interesting articles with great sense of humor. I wonder why they make better clothing and better magazines for men and women get stuck wearing high heels.

Great Mag

I've been a reader for 10 years now. It's got a little bit of everything in it. Something every guy can read.

Even better from my mailbox

I always liked Esquire anyway, a sort of grownup version of GQ and Details as far as I'm concerned and getting it as a subscription was a great move.

Great Deal

If you read esquire you can't beat the renewal deal. Love this magazine its got it all girls, cars, fashion, stories, food, humor. You name it you got it.

Best MEN's magazine out there

I first picked up a copy of Esquire a few years back at an airport, read it cover to cover to the flight, and haven't looked back since. It is a great magazine for men who are past the frat boy humor stage of their lives and are looking for something with more substance. The magazine's writers are top notch and regular segments like Answer Fella, Funny* Joke From A Beautiful Woman, and a sex column written by Stacy Grenrock Woods are always fun to read. The magazine regularly contains interesting articles on cocktails and recipes, restaurants and bars, movies and entertainment, sports and US and world news. And of course interviews with gorgeous and intelligent women, including a highly creative interview of Halle Berry by Tom Chiarella where Miss Berry writes the article and Mr. Chiarella annotates it. This is just one example of Esquire's creative approach to journalism. Sure, The Sexiest Woman Alive (where the woman so annointed is revealed piece by piece in different issues) may be tired (and to some, sexist), and some of the writing gets a little too tongue-in-cheek at times, but I have not yet found another men's magazine for which I would pay for a subscription.

#1 subscription to have

This is by far my favorite magazine. It has creative and edgy design wrapped around interesting/entertaining articles and insight. If I could only choose one magazine to read, this would be it.