Reviews For Esquire Magazine

Only for the obnoxiously vain

I really hate magazines like this that have more advertisements for 800.00 shoes than they do actual articles on anything remotely interesting. I subscribed for a year but I hardly even crack the pages open when it comes in the mail now. Is anybody really as vain as the editors seem to assume that we are? I think you might like this magazine if you are a money hungry elitist who abandoned your kids in the pursuit of a bigger office and a nicer car. IF you are interseted in which 10,000 dollar watch best fits your summer wardrobe then this magazine is for you.

too many adds

I know these fashion mags have a lot of adds, but it seems like I flip through over 20 pages before I find anything to read. If you took the adds out, you problaby wouldn't have much more then a flyer left.


It's pretty much the same magazine I used to read in college. A whole lot of fashion. Too much. Too girlie.


It is not what I like to read, not my kind of magazine to read. Guess I need to review at store before I buy any other magazines. Everyone should review the magazines at store before order any.

For rich secret agents that like really cheap magazines

Each issue of Esquire is like this: 30 pages of ads for expensive clothing, cars, cologne, and stuff like that before you even get to the table of contents. Then, in no particular order, you have an article about a celebrity you have absolutely no interest in, a feature about some clothing company or gadgets or something like that that you think is a really long ad (but isn't. Well, not officially.), a pictorial of some female celebrity you have never heard of, and one or two readable articles (these usually come in the form of short fiction or humor). Oh, and a lot more ads.

If you're thinking about subscribing to this because it's cheap and you just want something to read on the toilet or whatever, don't do that to yourself. Just spend a few extra dollars and subscribe to Mental Floss. If you want to have forgettable pop culture rammed down your throat and ads for all the latest gadgets and clothing so you can buy all that stuff so then when people come over to your swingin' secret agent pad they can look at your stuff and go "Damn, this guy's as cool as the people in magazine ads," then you should totally subscribe to this.

Corny Magzine for Corny Men

I had the dishonor of getting a free subscription to this magazine. To say the least it sucks. The articles aren't interesting, you'll find yourself thinking about other things. This magazine isn't even worthy of being a "bathroom read." Sorry, but when you won't even read this while your taking a DUMP... that's a pretty bad magazine...

To smelly 4 me..

I have sensitivities to perfumes and such. They always have a sample of some kind of cologne or something like that. They should be more considerate than to bomb you with these disgusting smells when you have allergies to them. Even when you tear out the mess, the whole magazine smells and it gets all over everything. Have an unscented version. But it's too late anyway. They burned this bridge by NOT thinking of it before I got sick from it.

Used to be Great Now it Stinks

Used to be a great magazine with great articles.Now most of the magazine
is lots of gibberish with little insight into the human psyche.

Ads Gone Crazy

Way too many ads. Made it difficult to find articles. Super heady cologne ads for men's fragrances stayed on hands and clothes. Found one good article.