Reviews For Esquire Magazine

A Man's Mag!!!!

I am a very neat dresser and I like to get ideas from this magazine.

Not a giant picture book

This magazine is way better than GQ simply because you aren't paying for a giant picture book. I enjoy a magazine that has articles and isn't saturated with ads.

Esquire is a Classic Man's Book

This is a men's magazine that still drinks it's liquor straight up, and has a steak dinner three to four nights a week. The articles are good and they have alot of cool pictures.

Woman Enjoys This Magazine

This is not just a magazine for men. I'm a woman and I enjoy the articles in this magazine. I recently read an article about a foreign journalist who wrote about a serial murderer who may have been the murderer himself. That was fascinating. There are also really good in-depth interviews of interesting men. I've also found good leads for books to read, music to listen to and movies to watch. My husband has me buy his clothes so even all the clothing ads are not wasted on me. I am enjoying ESQUIRE a lot more than most women's magazines.

Pleasent Surprise

I bought this as a substitiute for a Vanity Fair & GQ subscriptions that had ended. I like the editorial aspects much better. I also look forward to certin sections each month. I will resuscribe when the time comes.

Good Magazine

This is one of the best magazines out there. The articles and advice are good. I really enjoy the jokes and the 10 Things You Don't Know About Women features every month.

Well done magazine

Esquire is filled with interesting stories and articles about great stuff I assume many guys like. I certainly do. Look forward to reading it cover to cover each month.

A magazine that modern men need.

Do you sometimes feel that you are not really following up on the various aspects of your lifestyle? Esquire is what you need. they keep on updating you on the trends, and happenings. Not every man has the time to browse through tens of websites on the various topics that are important to the 21st century man. My monthly magazine is like a concentrated dosage of all of that.


This magazine is either good or bad,no in betweens.Each issue is different.Way to much advertisement.I have been reading Esquire for years.Worth the price for subscription.

Enjoyed first issue of subscription

One issue into my subscription, I really did enjoy my first issue of Esquire. I look forward to my future issues. I am not sure I would pay the normal cost of a subscription, though. The magazine makes enough money on the ads they sell, I see no reason why I should pay to read them. The articles were entertaining, informative and influenced me to investigate certain issues for myself.