Reviews For Country Living Magazine

Country Living magazine is one of my favorite magazines.

I love all the decorating ideas and the antiques and collecting articles.
If you like country decorating, this is the magazine to read.

Country Living

I have read and loved this magazine for many years. It is always full of beautiful pictures and ideas that I can use and share.

great magazine

This was an excellent value for a great magazine; arrived very promptly as well. I am quite pleased.

Country Living/ Fantasy Living

You know how some men joke that they only buy Playboy for the articles? I only buy Country Living for the photos. The photography and layout of the magazine inspire and delight me.

Every month when my issue of Country Living Magazine hits my rural country mailbox, I wonder why I keep extending my subscription. "I live in the country" is all I can come up with so far.

I don't cook, but sure do love to look at the food styling photos and read the recipes. I always think I should clip and save them, in hopes that one day, I will meet someone that loves to cook. Then they can have the pleasure of doing all the work in the country kitchen, while I reap the benefits in front of the open hearth fire, at the long raw pine dining room table, tastefully set with vintage dinnerware and pottery found at New England flea markets, of course.

I don't garden anymore. Our growing season here is 40 minutes long. This past Summer was the first in 4 in which I planted not one thing in ground or container. I reminded myself that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, and forced myself to drive past all the nurseries. Thus, I can do my vicarious gardening through the lovely photos of the most lush coastal gardens.

I am not putting one more piece of furniture in this house, I don't even like to whisper the word "remodel", and I don't have window treatments since they are not needed here. The articles are generally too folksy and traditional for my temperament and lifestyle, and most of the regular columns get nothing more than a quick scan.

So what is it that I so like about this publication that justifies my recent renewal? Did I mention the great photos? I love to see the interiors and gardens of the homes around the country that they feature. I like to see how other folks live and furnish. It satisfies the voyeur in me, and makes it fun to fantasize that I, too, could live "there" and have a life like "that", with just a little more effort and style on my part.

Believe it or not, I also love the one page "Real Estate Sampler", recently upgraded to full color. Here I can view photos of several idyllic homes and inns around the country currently on the market. I like to pretend that I am going to find that little 1800's Victorian Cottage, Greek Revival, or Stone House, and make it into a 5 star B&B/Restaurant " Destination Experience".

I always browse through "Country Classics You Can Buy" (never bought a one - pricey), and "On the Road" (never go anywhere they've featured - don't travel much). I have occasionally enjoyed some good writing and advice on wine as well.

It seems evident that the key word for my attraction to this publication is: Fantasy. Perhaps this is my version of Martha Stewart's show and magazine? It allows me to fantasize myself into these charming homes, lush gardens, soothing meals and inspiring locations. Sort of like a soporific bedtime story, with wonderful illustrations, for the repressed, traditional, conservative, "Nester" in us all?


Country's not so backwoods anymore

If the word "country" sends you running with images of cows and pigs and badly-painted wooden knick-knacks, don't be scared off by the title. Instead, think of gracefully restored farmhouses filled with antiques, funky cottages decorated in flea-market chic, and cozy mountain or beachside retreats. That's what Country Living is all about.

Country Living is a lot more than a decorating magazine, but there are pages and pages of decorating ideas in every issue. It's fairly middle-of-the-road in the styles it presents - not as trendy and modern as Met Home, but far more stylish than the country cliche. The featured homes look like places you could actually live, rather than a decorator's showroom. There's a wide interpretation of "country" from rustic to romantic to funky to elegant.

A heavy emphasis is placed on antiques and collectibles, and Country Living should be on every antique-hound's reading list. Besides the antiques shown in the decorating articles, there's always at least one in-depth feature devoted to a particular segment of the antiques market, and an Antiques Roadshow style column where readers send it photos of their items to be evaluated.

Besides the decorating features, there are articles on food, gardening, and other topics. Country Living covers a lot of subjects I wouldn't necessarily think of when I think "country." One article explored microbrews, another suggested good beer-food pairings. Each issue contains a few especially well-written essays - topics might range from pets to childhood memories to changing jobs.

All in all, Country Living is a very well-rounded magazine that's sure to inspire you unless your tastes are run toward a strict interpretation of the "modern" look. There's a little something for everyone and it's a pleasure to read or just to thumb through the pictures.


Country Living-Decorator's Delight

Yes, this is another great home and garden magazine. This magazine concentrates on Decorating, gardening, cooking, and antiques. If you love to look at decorating magazines and wish that your home could look like the pictures this is the magazine for you!

Magazine features:

Decorating: This magazine is always filled with new and interesting decorating ideas. The pictures are high quality and leave you feeling like you are looking into a window of someone's beautiful living room (or kitchen, or bathroom). There are ideas that will inspire you for your own country home.

Art & Antiques: This magazine features many articles and pictures on antiques, what would a country home be without them? My favorite section is the "What is it? What is it Worth" section in every issue. This is where readers get to send in their pictures of their antiques and find out more information and what the insured value of each one is.

Gardening: There are usually several articles about the how's of gardening. This magazine is packed with pictures of beautiful flowers and gardening ideas. The tips and tricks you can get from this are very helpful.

Food & Entertaining: Attention all chefs!!! This is your section, just looking at these recipes will make your mouth water. There is a section every month called "The Recipe File", these are ones you definitely want to clip and save. The recipes are clear and easy to read, they also have the nutritional information at the bottom.

Featured Articles: Each month there are featured articles on travel, cooking, decorating and more. They are easy to read, informative, and interesting.

I highly recommend this magazine, it is a great one to save and go back to when you want new ideas. This is also a good one to look at with friends, they pictures are fabulous and believe it or not there are not as many ads as in some of the other magazines.


If only...

If only I could pick one style for home decor I could make my life so much easier.
Country Living is in the running and these magazines are worth keeping as resource material. The room layouts are warm and inviting. The collections are interesting and tempting. Even if I have no interest in starting another collection it is always interesting to see how they arrange the items.
The decorating articles are useful no matter what style of decor you favor. I can find something to inspire me in almost every issue. An idea to incorporate in my traditional - nautical inspired - romantic - cottage looking - trying to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse kind of home.
And the recipes and food articles are fattening just to look at. Definitely "eye candy".
And if that weren't enough they have a craft or two to teach.
If you enjoy Southern Living but feel it is a little too traditional for your tastes give this magazine a look.


Welcome to the "New" Country

Country Living isn?t just ?country? anymore. At least, not in the tradition design sense of the word. Country Living has expanded to embrace a simplified American traditionalism that is different for everyone, but with a common thread to unite them -- A Sense of ?Home.?

Ranging from decorating and gardening, to travel and good things from the kitchen, Country Living explores all of the components that make a house a home. With simplistic charm, and an eye for detail, the magazine introduces you to folks around the country who enjoy the change of pace that ?country? offers.

Although the ?new country? has cleaner, more streamlined, properties, the essence of "true country" can still be found co-existing with "new country" within the pages of Country Living magazine.


A STEAL at Amazon prices!!!!!!

I have continued to get this Magazine subscription for almost 4 years now. I really enjoy the pictures and the many different ways to do "country". I began subscribing because I was gathering information on opening a "Bed and Breakfast" and I wanted to see the looks that were out there that said "cozy" and "homey". This Magazine has never let me down I find that I enjoy the section that they have called "Real Estate Sampler" as well as the product information that they have in the back of the book.

I used to get over 16 Magazine Subscriptions, and for me to keep subscribing to this one speaks volumes(please check out my other Magazine reviews)The other Magazine that I liked about as much as this one along the same lines is House & Garden.

Happy Reading

Excellent resource for home and business design

An outstanding magazine even if all you wish to do is look at the pictures. Great ideas and for a great price.