Reviews For Country Living Magazine

Nice little magazine full of wonderful places & great recipes too!

I gave this as a gift plus I've been receiving this magazine for over twenty years myself. It has changed over the years but so have we, so I'm glad it stays updated. The colors burst off the pages of gardens we would love to own and you get to meet the gardener. The recipes are to die for since I've kept so many of them and use them over and over again. They always take you to a small town somewhere in the U.S. that makes you want to get in your car and go. It's a warm, down to earth, grab your heart, kind of magazine. I love it, who wouldn't.

Country Living Magazine

The magazine is full of seasonal recipies, interesting stories, and recipies. I especially like the decorating ideas and the how to do it parts.

Country Living Magazine

I have been getting the Country Living Magazine as long as 30 years+ and it is the best magazine going. It has great decorating ideas and gives you inspiring ways to mix the old with the new instead of putting your old things away in the attic. Very informative for all and I hope the "new look" doesn't take away from the antiquity look of the catalog inside and out. I love the home made goodies (pies) and cookie cutout recipes on the cover. I hope they keep with the antique homes and furnishings when they take pictures of real homes and businesses out in the real world.

Country Living is Awesome!!

I can't believe that I never read or noticed this magazine before as I am a magazine junkie. I bought a couple of these magazines in a thrift store for the first time, and WOW I fell in LOVE with them. You will not be disappointed with it. Full of great stuff, it is one of my favorite magazines. I will definitely renew again.

decent magazine

I have subscribed to and enjoyed this magazine for several years, and gave four subscriptions as gifts this year, and I am sure they will all be enjoyed. This is a pleasant way to pass some time, get creative, or just relax.

Time Tested

Even though I have subscribed to this magazine for close to 20 years I still love it. Its pictures and stories have gotten me through dreary winters of longing for the summer outdoors and sweltering summers yearning for crisp weather and the roar of a fire. It may have some ups and downs, but overall you can't beat it.

Happy country living

I have been receiving the issues and I love the content of this magazine (why I subscribed!). Lots of great ideas and inspiring stories on creative types who enjoy all things country, vintage, crafty and cozy.

Country Living

I enjoy this magazine as a consumer and decorater for my family and home. It brings a lot of useful information and is pleasant to look at. The presentations of menus and food is always something you can use or try for adding spark to your meals.

Country Living

This is my #1 favorite decor magazine. It's full of very creative ways to decorate with antique furniture and linens. The end result is classy and ecletic and something everyone could do.

good magazine

I really enjoy this magazine. It covers a variety of topics and has a lot of decorating suggestions and recipies. It is a lot like Better Homes and Gardens.