Reviews For Country Living Magazine

Country Living at It's Finest!

Even when I lived in the city - yearning to be in the country - I loved this magazine! As a matter of fact I just picked up 12 year old copies at a yard sale this summer and the articles, recipes and tips are just as valuable today as they were back then!

While other magazines get leafed through from friends and visitors to our home, Country Living always seems to get well worn, well actually devoured is likely a better word! Even my 12 year old reads it!

Country Living is geared Toward American Antiques

and especially the family heirlooms that have been passed
onto you. The ordinary everyday chairs,linens,and china that
belong to the agarian era of the Family Farmhouse.
In an inventive an unique way, Country Living uses the antiques
to compliment our modern way of living.Nothing is wasted.
Beauty can be found in the placement of objects.
A kitchen will have a dishwasher camouflaged among a one
hundred year old table and chairs.
The pictures are beautiful and the price of the magazine is
very reasonable.
Usually there is an article for the 20 somethings. It
is 60's retro, or how to be country in a city loft...


I love this magazine. It provides great ideas that look good. Country is a lifestyle. This magazine exemplifies that. It shows all different styles of country. You don't have to fit into one look. I prefer this to Country Home, which generally is dated in their decorating.

One of My Favorites

This magazine is one of my favorite magazines.

Going through this magazine is like sitting down with my good friend, having a cup of tea, and talking about how to garden, make over my house and eat healthier all in one hour.

The pictures are beatiful. The homes that this magazines shows are usually realistic and always lovely. Many of the ideas are creative ones that anyone with a little bit of talent can do for themselves. The homes tend to lean towards a country charm and a more classic, lived in look than the show room homes typically seen in a magazine.

The minute this magazine arrives in my mail I'm opening it and browsing and looking through to see what interesting articles they have this month.

Well worth the money. enjoy.

not just country

the title can throw people off. there are a lot of cute crafts, DIY decorating, etc. that are not what I consider "country". My 27 yr old daughter likes it.

Wonderful magazine

Country Living has been my favorite magazine for years. It is a beautiful publication with great decorating ideas, interesting columns about collecting and antiques, articles about restoring houses and excellent recipes. With some magazines there is a lot of flash and very little substance. Country Living is not like that. Each issue is of the highest quality. The pictures are gorgeous and plentiful, but the text is informative and detailed. Although there are a number of country homes featured, the term "country" is more of a feeling of warmth and home and family. This magazine embodies all of those things. You won't be disappointed with this one.

Living the good life

Having been a subscriber for many years, I have watched this magazine change with the times in a good way. It is filled with "practical optimism", full of lively articles on home decor, collecting, gardening and cooking, while realizing that families are more budget conscious nowadays. I do not live in the country, but the stories on entrepreneurship, family and friends getting together, and up to the minute fresh decorating ideas inspire me with every issue. Country Living remains a favorite because the writers and editors seem like real people who truly care about their readers and use their experience and expertise to make this magazine shine.

Very good reading

I like the different projects and items you can buy - plus they give prices and online addresses. Overall I'm quite pleased with this magazine.

Country Living

I can spend hours with this magazine and I am always excited when it comes. I get a lot of ideas on how to use what I have to decorate. I use this magazine for gifts to others that I know feel the same about COUNTRY decorating as I do! :-)

Country Living

I enjoy our magazine and how easy it was to subscribe. It is how we live, a little of old with a little of new. But it is interesting to see different designs.