Reviews For Country Living Magazine

Cover to cover

When my "Country Living" arrives I stop what I'm doing to see what's in the newest issue. I have fallen in love with this magazine! Our library sells old magazines and recently I struck gold when a lady decided to give up 10 years worth of "Country Living"! I am saturated with good ideas and still reading! The one thing I've noticed is that there are far fewer advertisements now than a few years ago---how many magazines can say that? I enjoy things from the past and the creative way people use them. "Country Living" does a great job of showcasing both of these areas.


I love getting this magazine in the mail every month. There are so many interesting articles and I learn alot about new items and the items I've already got in my home. I've used the decorating and craft ideas many times and I was really impressed at how easy they were and the difference they made in my home. The recipes are are so great it's inspired me to want to cook. This magazine makes a great gift, all of my friends love it too.

Creative and Affordable Ideas

This affordable magazine is worth every penny. I enjoy the recipes, the decorating ideas, the crafts, and the articles. I read it from cover to cover and save it to share with others and read again later.

A touch of home

I love Country Living and am so glad it's back! I love getting the new issues and just curl up in a chair and read it cover to cover. If you like country things, you'll love this magazine!!

great country magazine

This is one of my favorite magazines, looking forward to the next issue, loaded with great ideas!!


Nothing but the best--I love country design and this magazine is what it is all about!!!!

Escape to the country

I have been a subscriber to country living for many years. I am a city born and raised woman and long to escape to the country style of living. This magazine does that for me. I love it and recommend it highly.

I like Country Living

I have always liked Country Living magazine. It gives me ideas on home decorating.

Country Living Magazine

Love the magazine, love the price. Great decorating ideas for those who still love country, antiques, nostalagia, but for use in today's homes!

Bargain price for this fun, informative magazine!

I love this magazine! When it arrives, I make time to read it cover-to-cover. Excellent information with comprehesnive sources provided. So many vintage, not to mention antique, items are things I remember from my childhood. I discover something in every article.