Reviews For Country Living Magazine

Good magazine

I subscribe to this magazine, bought a subscrip for my mom. It's got a little bit of everything and isn't too country, despite the title. I live in AZ, I don't decorate with roosters and cows nor do I like red and white checkered tablecloths. The other mags I subscribe to are "This Old House", "Yoga Journal" & "In Style" and this magazine is still perfectly enjoyable to me.

Country Living magazine

Although it has a lot of advertising, it is an informative magazine and gives helpful info about decorating in the country style.

country living

this is a good magazine for anyone that likes the country theme and way of living its really good but you have to be into that

Country Living, I love it!

I have been a subscriber of Country Living for many years, and before that I bought them at the news stand. The magazine has changed in recent months, and I do miss the old style, but I Love all the features it has. I always look for things that I have done or things I own among the pages. It's always fun to see that others love the same things I do. I definitely "do" garage sales every weekend in the good weather, so I have my eye out for things and ideas I see in this magazine. Thanks Country Living.

Fun to read

I look forward to receiving this magazine. Love the pictures, articles and craft ideas. My relaxing time!!

Wonderful decorating magazine for those who love antiques to shabby chic!

I've been a faithful reader of Country Living for over ten years. It's my favorite for decorating ideas (and gardening). I love antiques, found-treasures, textiles and good recipes. This one has it all.

Big $$ Country Living

I live in the country and love it! While looking for a magazine that would reflect the experience of country living I came across this one. The ideas presented in this magazine are, unfortunately, for the independently wealthy, not the average country soul like myself. I do appreciate the beautifully decorated homes featured in the magazine - they would appeal to any city dweller looking for an escape from the hectic life they lead. But let's face it - I would hardly come from the barn and step onto a plush snowy white carpet and relax on a tastefully upholstered couch, gazing on my priceless collection of antique kitchen utensils. Country living is about simplicity, about making ends meet when you've had a difficult year. It is about the joys of your child finding a newly hatched chick and the smell of freshly cut hay. Yes, we in the country do have beautiful homes and take pride in them. I wish this magazine would give a more realistic view of the life we live, not the fantasy so many people have. You can pick up wonderful ideas from the articles but they are hardly realistic for the average country person. I guess this magazine pays for the extravagant furniture and decorating pieces through the huge amount of advertising included in each edition. All in all it is an interesting magazine that lets me dream of winning the lottery so I can completely redecorate my home. After I finish working in the garden, gathering eggs, stepping over animal droppings, etc...


Too Many Ads

I used to like this magazine. However,it is so difficult now to find the text due to the ad-heavy format.I would pay more for a subscription and have a cleaner, less cluttered format.

Design changes - hinderance or helpful?

Halfway through my five dollar annual subscription (which I picked up here on a bargain day) Country Living changed their design to a larger format. They seemed to be trying to vamp up their image and the process is not yet settled.

I do love their innovative craft/decor ideas, but I think they could do with more details within their articles/image sections. It seems that they are more interested in promoting products than in actually taking the time to make sure they work well and are thought out. All in all a good magazine, but its not going to replace my Domino mag obsession. Come back!

Country Living Magazine

It's well done, but not up to the level of content found in the original version of this magazine. It's still worth reading, but I'd prefer more "how to" content and more emphasis on historical country living.