Reviews For Country Living Magazine

new subscription

I like the magazine so far, it is hard to do a review with something you have had for only 2 days. It is informative with excellent photographs. Articles are as I suspected when I subscribed. Keep up the good work.

Not to bad but...

I liked this magazine well enough. Packed with tons of decorating tips,antiques,craft type articles...BUT like most magazines seem to do, it is loaded with advertisement. What there is of the true mag however is worth it.

Country Living

I'm sure it will be a great magazine, I have not yet rec'd it. Thank you

Not what it used to be

Years ago, I'm talking 13 years or so, I was a regular reader of Country Living Magazine. Matter of fact I had a subscription for about 5 years. The reason I started getting the magazine is I love country decorating and the simplicity of "country" life. That's what I found in the pages of Country Living--years ago. Not anymore!!

Now what I find when I do pick up a copy at the store is--lots of advertisements for items that aren't remotely related to "country" living, pictures of very expensive homes that are decorated by professionals. Sure the pictures are beautiful but totally unrealistic for most of us to achieve. It used to be that country decorating meant on a budget, doing it yourself and simplicity. Not according the Country Living Magazine. It has turned in to another DREAM-ON magazine. Ideas that most people can only dream about.

There are other magazines out there that still focus on "country" decorating. Such as Country Accents. That magazine is head and shoulders above Country Living in my opinion.

Country Living is still a great magazine to pick up and look at, especially at Christmas time. But I feel that the name doesn't fit the content.


country living, great for ideas and inspiration.

Lots of lovely photos, great ideas, deco tips and food.

Used to be a better magazine

Been a long time subscriber since the original issue. Now too many ads passed off as decorating ideas. Used to be really fresh ideas but now its repetitive. Probably won't be subscribing anymore.

lots of ads

nothing of value here. No decor ideas, ads for alot of Non-country decor, just not really sure who this magazine is geared to, I'm not sure they know either, just who ever they could get to buy ad space. pages and pages of ideas on "ruffles"?, lets get real. this magazine can't tell if it's country living, country farmer, or country chic or just plain rustic. I guess country just means anything in the "country" of america. Too broad of a range for me. Real lack of focus.