Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

Missed 2nd issue!

I bought this as a gift and the 2nd issue was skipped! Cosmo is Cosmo, so no surprises there. Hope they get February's issue out.

Good Cheap Trashy Magazine

I bought a one year subscription because it was only five dollars. My first magazine came really fast. I tend to look more at the beauty and health sections. The sex and relationship articles seem to be the same every month. I would never pay cover price for this magazine.

A good magazine for young females

I booked this magazine because there is a promotion. I did not expect too much from it. As I got the first issue, I found the magazine is "women" focused instead of a fashion magazine that I want. However, my wife likes it. she said there are a few interesting stuffs for females.

The Giving Gift

This was ordered for a gift that keeps on giving! I had no problems ordering it and in fact the product (magazine) arrived earlier than they said! They told me it might come in April or May when it came in March. And the price for the two (2) year was cheaper than on the news stand!

They sent old magazines first

I love this magazine. I was so excited about the price. They said my first one would come in July. Well they sent 2 the beginning of May. They sent the previous month and the one that was currently on stand. I purchased both because they said that it wouldn't come until July.


this is a magazine, how am i supposed to review it, i mean theres obviously bad things with it, too many ads!!! jeez more than half the friggin magazine is ads. other than that its fun reading all the articles and stuff.


I have not read this publication in many years so I am defintely outdated for this magazine

Cosmo for younger women

This magazine is a 5 star for women ages 18-24. Any older and it's like reading Seventeen if you're 18-24.

for younger women

I like fashion and beauty magazines since it's a light and easy read. And I used to like this magazine. When I was younger. However, I am 30 now and whenever I pick up a copy...I feel stupider after I read it. Soooo much sex and stupid "love" advice. Things they say men want which often they don't, or things you should do to "get them". I am past the days where I want to try swinging from a chandelier, past the days where I want to play games with the guys I meet, and past the days of trying to be something I'm not. Be warned, this does not seem like a "be yourself" magazine. It seems like the "be the woman you think he wants you to be" magazine.
However, I like the fashion and beauty sections and luckily know myself well enough to separate the useful from the BS in this magazine.

Ok but trashy

I used to read Cosmo in college and when I saw a deal for a year for 5.00 how could I go wrong? Well I did. I found every issue to be very trashy and was shocked how sexual the entire thing is. Lots of model thin people all over it and no wonder we have body issues! I would pass on this unless you need sexual tips every month.