Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

light entertainment

This magazine (as a subscription, not so much in the stores) is an inexpensive way to entertain yourself once a month. Sure, it doesn't necessarily stimulate intellectually, or present anything new and astonishing, but neither do most tv shows we like to watch. I'm in my mid 20s, and I certainly enjoy this magazine.. sometimes to giggle at some of the ridiculous articles containing 'advice.' For example, my boyfriend and I share laughs over the advice about how to get/please/entertain/understand, etc. a guy. It's a learning experience for me because he'll tell me, 'that's not it at all!'
This magazine also features pieces discussing more serious topics that are relevant to today's woman. If I read an article about a subject of interest, it prompts me to do more research of my own.
I recommend this magazine for entertainment purposes only. It's a nice read on the metro train on the way to work.


As long as you don't take anything in it seriously, it's fun to mindlessly flip through.

Good readv

Its a good mix of fashion and fun advice . Best advice everything a gurl can want in a funny and humorous way!!!!

A great gift for the young adult daughter!

Our daughter in college asked for COSMO for her birthday. A fun gift to fill her college mailbox each month.

Never too old to enjoy Cosmo

64 and still learning. Rather read it in Cosmo than have my children tell me.

A must have for a young female.

I have been a Cosmo subscriber for over 3 years. One of my favorite magazines. I actually read it cover to cover every month. Yes its kinda repetitive, but its very fun and has plenty of advice for a woman on various topics. It has a little bit of everything. Plus your boyfriend/husband can read it when you are done!

4 stars for me.

Cutting Corners Causing A Decline in Total Quality

This was my "first" grown-up girl magazine and I still share a fondness for it and usually buy it at least three or four times a year. My guess is in order to keep the cover price down, the mag is trying to cut corners on other importent areas like--paper quality. The magazine is printed on a lower quality paper than most--decreasing its' durability and readability. Also, let's face it--some of the writing is just not up to the same level of many competing magazines. The articles seem repetitive, simple-minded and without a lot of useful information. Let's hope the "old gal" gets a quality "face-lift" and soon.

Nothing new...

This magazine hasn't changed and therefore, everything being covered in this issue for example has been mentioned and covered more than 10 different times. Although, it's still a good magazine to read over for the sake of entertaining yourself and you can probably even get a laugh at some of the ridiculous articles.

Great Magazine, Not Always On Time

I love, love, love this magazine. It's a fun magazine. The only complaint I I see it in stores before my mailbox often.

Geared toward the under 30 crowd

I expected Cosmopolitan to be similar to Glamour & Allure but it really is aimed for a very young audience. Many, many articles about sex, sex tips, hook-ups, etc. and all of the quoted participants are in their early 20's. There are a few good articles but little of relevance for anyone 40 or above. I will not renew this magazine.