Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

purchased as a present

purchased as a present for xmas... as long as the first magazine gets delivered, and there are no problems, then i definately recommend this... :-) who doesnt love cosmo for light reading? of course, you have to take all the info in the magazine with a grain of salt, and not completely live by all the advice, but i like it for light reading.

Cosmo is better than it used to be.

My friend bought me this magazine for a gift (1 year subscription). I used to read cosmopolitin years ago but stopped reading it when it was no longer available at lunch where I used to work. I find it enjoyable when you are in the mood for light reading and a variety of topics.

Cosmo Mag

Good magazine, there are quite a bit of advertisements, and for someone who doesn't go out and buy all that junk, i just keep flipping through! Otherwise there are bits and pieces in the mag that I love to look for and read.

Quick Delivery

I thought it would take 8+ weeks to get my first magazine, but instead it came within the first 2 weeks. Good magazine and timely delivery!

Good service for my favorite magazine

I ordered my subscription to Cosmo less than a month ago and have already started receiving copies. It's a great magazine for fun reading and it's very nice to have it delivered, and at a fraction of the cost I was spending to buy it at newsstands.

Love this magazine

I wish there weren't so many ads. Other than that I love this mag. I am 27...I think I am part of the targeted audience.

Cheap and good!

GReat deal on this subscription and I've had no problems with having them delivered or getting the right issues.

What has Cosmo done for me.

This magazine is full of hip styles and new cosmetic techniques. But, what stands out about the magazine, is the way they treat the "love" scene. I really appreciate the way they show different ways to care for some one special in your life. Thank you so much for making a nice magazine and so up to date.

Can't beat this deal for savings!

I enjoy reading Cosmo, but couldn't see spending what others want for the subscription fee. This offer is unbeatable, so I had to buy it from you. Thank you!

Good enough

Even it's meant for female readers. It's still good enough for me to review what women read =)