Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine


I was quite disappointed with how long it took to process this order - over 2 months.

Don't waste your time...

In the past, Cosmo was a mindless fun read / a guilty pleasure...I hadn't picked up this mag for years and when I saw it for a good price, I thought, why not? Well, I'll tell you why's complete trash...and had no redeeming qualities about it...all it promotes is for women to become ditzy skanks whose only purpose in life is to please men. If you've read one issue, you've read them all.

cheap, tacky, mostly talks of bedtime secrets... less rounded

I subscribed to this magazine for beauty tips, make up, fashion and general girl health etc... this one turned out to be a bedtime guide... paper quality is low. Pictures pixelise... last three pages are classfieds for adult entertainment and toys !!??? content is very shallow and headline oriented. U'd read the entire magazine and realize that one of the headlines on the cover was the entire story. there was nothing more to it...

I was expecting more of a class magazine than a bedtime tricks guide. Very disappointed...

A waste of money

I ordered them for my wife since I thought that Cosmopolitan would be interesting but I was wrong. She was very disappointed. Plenty of ads, lack of good/interesting articles. Repetition of the same things. Will not recommend

Overpriced magazines

Cosmo is overpriced. There is little actual content and hundreds of pages full of advertising. Like business magazines it should be provided free to anyone who cares to page through all the ads to find what little content is actually there.

Soft Porn for, of, and about Young Adults

This magazine's focus is sex and sexuality of young adults and teenagers. If you are looking for raunchy articles and soft porn photos with sexually explicit content then this is the magazine for you. It's the perfect magazine for child molesters and perverts. For everyone else though it's simply trash.