Reviews For Cosmopolitan Magazine

So glad my subscription is over

Maybe some people love Cosmopolitan, I was tired of it. I've purchased the magazine on the stands before, but never had a subscription. The first few months were ok, after that it seemed like ever issue was like the last. I won't be renewing my subscription this year.

it's the same thing every month...

If you've read one "Cosmo", you've read them all. Do yourself a favor and check out "Glamour" and "Self" - you'll walk away happy, inspired, and hunting down the mailman for the next month's issue.

All Fluff, All the Time

THere is no new material in this magazine. None. If you watch the cover teasers, you will notice they repeat every few months. Old articles are rewritten with new cover teasers. There are more advertisements than articles. You might see 2-3 articles a year that actually have some substance. Cosmo fashion is [.......] at best - Marie Claire would give you better advice for that. Any health tips cosmo gives are outdated and obvious. Despite what the cover says, don't believe that you will any new sex advice either - Cosmo sensationalizes the obvious. The best thing to do before buying any magazine subscription is to purchase a single copy to see if you like it. Many libraries have magazines too, browse through the shelves for free - I've even found new magazines I've liked that way.


This is a crappy magazine.All it has is articles on sex and and how to attract men.IT is not a good read for the intellectual woman.

The same thing, sex and diets

Every month its the same thing, how to have sex and how to loose weight. Its so repetitive its stupid. Cosmo is just bad, the cover "models" are bad, the articles are horrendous. I used to be a faithful buyer till i realized that each month its the same stuff. The same sex tips, the same smokey eyes, the same sexy beach waves for hair, and the same cheap paper its printed on.

NOT Always late

I too subscribed to this magazine thinking I would get it before the news stands or at least at the same time. The lastest issue (April) has been on the stands for 3 days. When I went to the Cosmo site to see when they were planning to ship mine it said the week of April 3rd? Really?! That's a month late...

I had to edit this because my April issue came yesterday after I wrote this. OOPS! Maybe it just takes a few months for them to catch up with new subscriptions. I will update this next month to let you know...

10/5/2010 It's been a few months since I wrote this and it seems that Cosmo has no set delivery date! LOL But it's never been in my mailbox BEFORE I've seen it at some store. Sometimes it's the same day but usually at least 3 or 4 days after the grocery store puts it out.

If you're over 30, this is not the magazine for you!

Purchased this magazine because I was buying a different magazine for a gift, and this was cheap. Apparently, I am no longer a member of the Cosmo audience. As a married, 34-year old mother of 2, articles about wild and crazy sex in his office with his secretary watching and my bra as longer appeal to me. I guess its my fault for purchasing and forgetting that my sex life consists of quickies on the couch trying to ignore the dog, who is watching! Almost the entire magazine revolves around sex. Along with trying to hide the sex articles from my daughter's view, I also have to watch the half naked men sprawled throughout the magazine. I know that may not be a negative to some subscribers! In addition, there is not really enough beauty and fashion articles. Apparently, I'm just out of touch. Regardless if you are over 30, don't make the same mistake I did.


This magazine isn't as good as I remember it. Actually, it sucks, and I wish I didn't have it coming to my house anymore.

Boring and the same

Like other people, I agree that it is the same material every month. Nothing changes and even the headings on the front page are the same. Even though a subscription may be cheap it is still too much because if you have read one issue you have read them all. In my early 20s I thought it was better but I am not sure if it was actually better 6 years ago or if I just outgrew it.

Nothing special

I used to purchase this magazine fairly often though I have never subscribed to it for one reason - every issue is the same!! Buy one copy of this magazine and that's plenty. Save your money on this one and buy Glamour or Self instead. Personally, I think Glamour is the best magazine I've subscribed to. It has the best balance in content.