Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

Great Mag!

Get ready for a great magazine with great recipes that anyone who likes to cook,
will love!

I have been subscribed for 2 years and they have never disappointed me. Their recipes are on the cutting edge and the tastes are adventurous and exciting.

I would definitely recommend this Magazine.

Great general cooking magazine.

I've tried a few cooking magazines but I prefer the layout of Bon Appetit. There are quite a few adds in it, but I haven't found one (other than Cooking Illustrated) where that wasn't the case. They usually have a good mix of simple and quick recipes to more complicated "gourmet" ones. I try 1-2 recipes from each issue and haven't had anything bomb yet.

I am NOT a foodie.....

So, I am not a foodie, but I do enjoy this magazine very much. The recipes are doable, and the photography and photo styling is great!
I have actually used some recipes, and while I am an experienced cook, they are very do-able. I plan to renew this because I enjoy this so much.

The best of the cooking magazines out there

Bon Appetit is by far the best of the cooking magazines out there. It consistently has good, easy to read recipes and nice photography. My favorite section is on the weekday recipes for when you are too busy to be spending 2 hours on a meal.

If you are looking for a good cooking magazine for the everyday cook this is the one for you!

Perfect gift

I sent this gift to my father who loves to cook. He really enjoys the ideas the magazine provides and the recipes aren't difficult.

A Keeper

In my opinion, one of the best gauges for the quality of a magazine is the length of time it remains on your shelf after it has been delivered. Old issues of Bon Appetit will stay with you for years. The recipes are that good.

As others have noted, the pictures and feature writing aren't the best you'll see, but the recipes are both simple and memorable. Each issue will put a couple (at least) of big guns in your culinary arsenal.

Terrific magazine

I look forward to Bon Appetit coming each month. It's a really nice magazine with great pictures and articles.

Recipe for Good Eating

Bon Appetit is a wonderful magazine. I've been a fan for years; it never disappoints. Whether you're a new cook or an experienced one, you'll always find something to hang your toque blanche on.

Bon Appetit!

Gave this as a gift to my 14 year old grandson who is a budding gourmet! He loved it.

Bon Appetit magazine subscription

Magazine subscription was very easy and it has been sent as gift and already rec'd