Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

Bob Appetit

No problem except that the new subscription started before the previous one ended resulting in duplicate copies being delivered and, no doubt, only eleven months benefit (or less) from the new subscription.

mmmm good

Just got my first issue and loved all the pictures of the food. Now i have
two small kids and most likely wouldn't cook most of the food in the issue, but it doesn't mean i can't drool over it all. Overall a great magazine if you LOVE to see great food and read a few articles.


Bon Apetit had always satisfied me. I hope this subscription is piggybacked to my previous one. The recipes, trade news, new products and chef's to watch have always been valuable to me as a food journalist. Love the special issues on regional cuisine. They have not abandoned their original format and kept the articles fresh and approachable.
Thanks, Joan Gordon
Restaurant reviewer for the Norwich Bulletin
Norwich, CT

Magazine for Cooks and Non-Cooks

Bon Appetit won't replace Gourmet in anyone's life, but it does have interesting articles about places and restaurants. Total issues are devoted to themes, such as London or Mexico and those are interesting. My favorite feature is always the recipes from restaurants requested from readers. I have learned some very good recipes this way! As for the recipes themselves, they are written in a straightforward manner. The directions are written in plain English without complications. The pictures and drawings enhance the instructions. All that said, this is not a magazine for someone looking for complicated recipes. But, if you want a magazine that is pleasant to flip through and read, this is for you.

The Discerning and Intellectual Cook's Magazine of Choice

Bottom-Line: A glossy well put together magazine "Bon Appetit Magazine" is well worth the subscription that is if you are a serious cook. And even a not so serious one.

The world of cooking, gourmet and otherwise magazines is festooned with glossy covers adorned with tempting dishes of un-nameable foods we are supposed to enjoy preparing. But "Bon Appetit Magazine" has them all whipped with its life-sized scrumptious looking delicacies begging to be devoured. For instance the June 2008 issue has a picture of a Cheddar Burger with Chipotle Ketchup; the life-sized burger looks absolutely delectable.

"Bon Appetit Magazine", which bills itself as a food and entertaining magazine, is published monthly by Conde Nast Publications Inc. and is aimed at serious-minded cooks who passionate about the dishes they prepare. They, like me are interested in what new in the world of cooking; not only that but they, like me have a keen interest in straying from the norm in the dishes they cook.

Unfortunately like most magazines in America, "Bon Appetit Magazine" depends heavily on advertising to generate revenue, dedicates every other page to colorful spreads bent on selling us stuff we don't really need, or in some cases don't need but really, really want, but can't afford. To its credit, most of the advertising is dedicated to cooking and the stuff of cooks.

Bon Appetit Magazine Contents

"Bon Appetit Magazine" --a monthly publication--is a striking combination of the trivial and useful information and divided up in the following sections:

oFast, Easy, Fresh
oFamily Style:
oAt the Market
oCooking Life
oHealth Wise
oWine & Spirits
oPrep School


A glossy well put together magazine "Bon Appetit Magazine" is well worth the subscription that is if you are a serious cook. However, even the not-so-serious cook will find something within the folds of the gorgeous magazine. When all is said and done I enjoy reading "Bon Appetit Magazine" not only because of the well put together articles and outstanding recipes, but also because the food look so darned inviting! How come my dishes never turn out looking like the cover of a magazine?

While I have to admit that some of the recipes are a little out there, the ones I have prepared have turned out well enough. Be prepared you will have to shop for these ingredients; the average "Bon Appetit" recipe does not use your usual American kitchen staples.

For instance in the June 2008 issue a recipe for Hazelnut-crusted chicken with raspberry sauce calls for lightly packed fresh raspberries, safflower oil, chopped hazelnuts, panko (Japanese breadcrumbs), and finely chopped mint leaves; not exactly stuff one might find at the local Jewel.

Did I mention that the photography in "Bon Appetit Magazine" is a feast in-and-of-itself? No doubt there is a healthy dose of staging and a whole lot of Photoshop behind the gloss, but the effect is real enough. Ready to pick one up yet?

Amazing Recipes From a Borrowed Issue

I was visiting my sister and picked this magazine up, and immediately began scribbling recipes down. When she noticed what I was doing, she told me to just take it. As soon as I got home, I got to work.

I first attempted a baked chicken recipe that called for a brick. I decided to do it without the brick, and also skimped on a couple of steps (such as refrigerating the chicken overnight) and it turned out to be the best chicken I've cooked to date. I had neighbors in my building knocking on my door asking me what I was doing!

I then attempted an olive oil cake that sounded interesting, from the Q&A section where readers ask about their fave restaurant item and the columnist figures or obtains the recipe. AMAZING. My first cake and it was a hit!

I love to cook, and while some recipes were a bit esoteric for me, there were so many recipes in this issue that it will take at least a month to get through all the ones I want to try, and attempting the recipes has already taught me a ton about basics such as cakes and spices. I can't wait to get my next issue!

From a Gift Giver's Perspective

I recently ordered 3 subscriptions for 3 different individuals. 2 were new subscriptions while the other was an extension. I personally do not read Bon Appetit cover to cover but the 3 people who do love the magazine. Of course the recipients all enjoy cooking. From what I know, Bon Appetit focuses mostly on recipes while their secondary topics are restaurants and chefs from around the world. My girlfriend constantly shows me recipes from Bon Appetit that she wants to try...

Pics are good enough to EAT! Best for beginner cuisinists!

The generous displays of glorious photography of food (and meals) is incredible. Pictures simply leap off the page and beg you to taste, to try the recipe.

And recipes galore! Recipes so simple, even the most basic beginnner (anyone who learned to cook around their mom or dads' apron) will appreciate the very clear manner that recipes are presented.

she doesn't like it

NEW REVIEW! I take back what I said before about my sister liking this magazine. I mean, she likes it OK, but she says the articles are strange and only marginally cooking-related. She doesn't like how there are more ads than actual magazine content, and she was confused about the products being highlighted, as they are things even kitchen-gadget collectors (like my sister) kind of scratch their heads at.

Wish I could change the star rating to 2 stars.

Great Recipes

A friend of mine used to subscribe to Bon Appetit and flipping through the magazine I found so many interesting recipes.