Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

bon appetit, delightful

I love this magazine. I was first introduced to it by a friend who was studying at the time to be a nutritionist. It has a lot of wonderful recipes, drink ideas and some ideas for decorating your table for company or just for your own enjoyment.

I like the fact that there is usually a variety of information in this magazine. From, what to buy, where to buy it and how to prepare it.

This magazine is also easy to find. Usually at any grocer check-out counter. It is very attractively packaged, with colorful layouts that draw your attention to the cover, this usually invites you to look inside and see more. I buy this magazine on a regular basis and would recommend it highly to others who have an interest in cooking, entertaining or who just want information on those subjects.



Bon Appetit is a well-rounded food and entertainment magazine that appeals to the average busy American food lover. It has endless, delicious recipes, many grouped into practical dinner menus. It honors readers' requests for favorite restaurant recipes from locales the world over. The magazine contains a number of simple recipes for those of us pressed for time.

Bon Appetit uses a lighthearted, easy going writing style that does not intimidate, unlike Food & Wine. It contains excellent restaurant reviews the world over. I especially enjoyed the informative articles on vacation getaways, highlighting the culinary plusses of the locations featured. The magazine's photographs were beautiful and enticing.

The magazine could be improved by including nutritional breakdowns of the recipes and by having a greater array of healthy, low fat choices.


Bon Appetit for Guests

Bon Appetit has magnificent, show-stopping recipes! Each recipe that I have tried has resulted in a dish that was as appealing to the palette as it was to the eye. The beautiful photographs help to inspire the would-be chef in me.

As much as I enjoy this magazine, I have found the recipes can be a bit complicated and overwhelming for someone who do not spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Since the recipes often take more preparation time than I like to spend on an everyday meal, I only cook from this magazine when we are entertaining. Specialty tools ? or kitchen toys as my friend would call them ? e.g. a zester, pastry brush, pastry bag ? are a must have if you plan to cook from this magazine often.

My biggest complaint about Bonn Appetit is that every other recipe I?ve tried has called for the egg whites to be whipped separately and then gently folded into the rest of the batter. Personally, I hate folding in egg whites. Also, since I now live in a small town, some ingredients are difficult if not impossible to find.


Good reading - leads to good eating!

This year I decided to do something just for me. I subscribed to two cooking magazines, Bon Appetit and Gourmet. I had subscribed to Bon Appetit many years ago, and for a variety of reasons had let the subscriptions lapse. I love Bon Appetit, and have recently renewed my subscription. I like the layout. I especially like the column that answers requests for recipes eaten in a restaurant. The recipes are easy to follow and if a particular ingredient is unusual, either explanations of what the ingredient is, or where it could be purchased are included. There is also a variety to the types of recipes, even if there is a particular theme to an issue, such as the summer edition on Bar B Q, or the November issue on Thanksgiving.
In comparing Gourmet to Bon Appetit, I am not nearly as impressed with Gourmet. There are not as many recipes per issue and they are much more complicated. Because I live in a small town in the midwest, availability for some ingredients is limited. I have decided that Gourmet doesn't fit me and will not be renewing my subscription for the coming year.
I feel that Bon Appetit is well worth the subscription price. My only regret is that I cannot try all of the mouth watering recipes. Too many recipes, too little time!


Bon Appetit a magazine for every appetite

I have been subscribing to Bon Appetit for the past 27 years. It has come a long way baby...One of the regular articles that I find most interesting is the request for recipes from various restaurants from around the world. What a great way to relive a special event or vacation. Most of the recipes are easy to follow. Another great feature is their visit to a specific city. They review restaurants in that city and take you on a mini tour. It gives the first time visitor a chance to feel comfortable and know the city before they even get there.


I love to go from page to page.......

I've recently started reading my Bon Appetit from cover to cover just because everything is so good (pictures, recipes, articles, etc...). Having three small busy children, my time is limited for meals during the week and my favorite section of this book is "Fast Easy Fresh". I can always find a few recipes that are easy to make yet edible in the eyes of my children. My second favorite section is "Readers' Timesaving Recipes". These readers seem to share the same type of lifestyle as me (limited kitchen time) and they submit very yummy, quick recipes that I can whip up in no time.

My husband and I believe that dinnertime as a family is so important to the well-being of our children that making meals that require endless preparation and cooking just isn't a priority for us.

I also love to entertain and have dinner parties so the new column that begins in the April 2005 issue entitled "Party Improv" is a great addition. I like that they give big, delicious ideas with little effort... including suggestions for table settings, cocktail concoctions, music, wine and a complete menu for your party!!! They thought of it all!

I highly suggest getting your subscription today so you don't miss out on any future issues!

Beautiful Pictures, Precise Recipes a must for Food Experts

Well I have over 16 Magazine Subscriptions and this was one of the ones that I let drop. Not because it wasn't worth it but because it is almost the carbon copy of Gourmet (which I also have a subscription for)...

I would recommend this if you like "high-end" menu ideas, or trying to impress that special someone. I also would recommend it as a gift idea for anyone that loves Cooking or is in the Food Industry as a Director of Catering and Sales for a Convention Center my mind (after 10 years) does become stuck on new and innovative menu ideas.... when this happens I can always trust "Bon Appetit" to have some wonderfully looking ideas for me to try. If you decide that you can't afford it (or like in my case) just don't want all of the magazines around, go to their web-site every recipe is listed on Epicurious.

Happy Cooking

Gives me some good ideas for this amateur cook

I love to cook. I am not a professional by all means but I do enjoy the concept of preparing food. Other than tv, "Bon Appetit" is one of my main sources I refer to that inspires me to create my next meal. I have been an on and off again subscriber to the magazine for several years now. I have to admit I don't necessary use the recipes in the magazine but they and the ingredients that I read definitely leads me to come up with my own ideas. Some of my favorite issues includes the topics of barbecue (I love some of the ribs recipes they have printed over the years) and Thanksgiving. What I am not so wild about is that a lot of the recipes over the years have become so high end. From my point of view, a lot of these meals are not every day meals you would make. I am blessed to live in a big city where I can find most of the ingredients but if I lived in a smaller city or town, it probably would be difficult to find. These recipes are not geared for single people or families who have mouths to feed. All in all, I still enjoy reading "Bon Appetit" and being inspired by the magazine.

Good recipes, but in recent years variety has diminished

I love Bon Appetit magazine, but I've noticed that in the past couple of years (since editorship changed), the recipes have not had much variety. I'm kind of tired of seeing the same recipes for pot roast over and over. I wish that Bon Appetit would really focus more on ethnic dining like some other magazines out there, such as Cooking Light. Also, the magazine is heavily centered around meat. I realize that America is a meat eating society, but cuisine should include vegetables and I'm not talking about broccoli smothered in a rich cheese sauce, but other delicious ways of preparing it. However, I have to say that whatever recipes I've tried have ALWAYS come out delicious and I know that if I ever try a recipe for the first time, I know that it will come out good.

Hopefully Bon Appetit starts to realize that there is more to good dining than just prime rib and potatoes. My favorite issue was the Ethnic Restaurant issue back in September 2001 and I do hope they include more of such things.

It is a good magazine however no matter what and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good food.

The best of the bunch

Hooray for food porn! Bon Appetit is stuffed with tons of great glossy photos of attractive dishes... a foodie's dream come true!

I've had a subscription to Bon Appetit for about 4 years now, and it is my favorite of all the cooking magazines out there. It is not too high-end or snobby and for the most part you will be able to find the recipe ingredients at your local supermarket. The recipes are generally not too complicated so an amature cook can create a classy meal to impress guests, or just try new things in the kitchen for fun.

My one complaint would be it seems that the issues are beginning to contain slightly fewer recipes than before and it sometimes feels like their target audience is more of a priveledged high-class lifestyle than an everyday home cook.

That said, considering all of the competitors, I think Bon Appetit is the middle ground and I would recommend it to all aspiring home cooks.