Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

One of best cooking magazines!

To whomever is interested in cooking and wanting to learn more about it, this magazine is for you. It is packed with info varying from restaurants across the US to recipes sent in by readers. It also has recipes by chefs such as Bobby Flay and others. It gives a lot of ideas and it is not pretentious like others.

Love this magazine!

I ordered subscriptions to both Bon Appetit and to Gourmet. I like this magazine much better! It has recipes more suited to my tastes and level of cooking. The pictures are beautiful and appetizing to gaze at, and the recipes are easy to follow.

one of the two best

If you decide to have two foodie subscriptions, make them Gourmet and Bon Appetit. You will find that they are not redundant but rather complement each other. Bon Appetit is really much more heavy on the recipe side and brings a wider variety of day-to-day great cooking ideas and techniques. It is also a fabulous magazine as far as the restaurant reviews go. All the recipes are well researched, and I have never had a problem cooking or baking anything from Bon Appetit, on the contrary: most of the recipes I have tried, have been great successes and lasting favorites. The holiday special issues are always wonderful, each year the editors find new and wonderful ways to create that extra special holiday gathering. The overall quality of the magazine throughout the year is very high, in both writing, research and photography/grafics. This mag is worth the money.

Consistently the Best Recipes

I have been reading Bon Appetit for nearly 20 years and find it to be the foodie magazine with the best content. There are always at least a few recipes that I end up trying -- from the super simple cookie recipe to how to make the perfect roast to barbecuing for beginners. And, the non-recipe articles are good food for thought for cooking enthusiasts. (e.g. "Garlic Through the Ages"...) Bon Appetit seems to be the foodie magazine most in tune with what busy people who also like to indulge in a day of cooking once in awhile want out of a magazine.

Great Cooking Magazine

This is great for folks who like to try out new recipes... also a good gift for someone who likes to cook. I have a friend who asks for a renewal every year for her birthday 'cause she loves it so much.

Really good recipes

When I was going through my old cooking magazines a few years ago before a major move to another state, I found to my surprise that the recipes I most wanted to keep were in Bon Appetit. Although I also enjoyed reading Gourmet, I realized that I had cooked relatively few of the recipes in that magazine. I am ready to make another magazine purge, and I expect the same thing to happen. Gourmet is fun and interesting, but Bon Appetit is a keeper.

Classic Favorites

Many of our family's favorite classic recipes have come from Bon Appetit over the years. We often duplicate the exquisite gourmet menus when entertaining.

Each section is an interesting read providing insights to great restaurants, cultures, foods and wines around the world. The section on healthy cooking offers some great tasting recipes.

Bon Appetit makes a valued, year-long gift.

Best cooking magazine

Bon Appetit is probably the best cooking magazine out there. While I frequently buy others at the store, Bon Appetit is the only one to which I subscribe. First, I love the recipes, and the magazine is always full of them. The recipes for each issue always correspond well to the time of the year, taking advantage of impending holidays as well as the produce that's freshest. The magazine has a variety of articles, including a series of regulars. For example, one column features reader requests for recipes from their favorite local restaurants. They also have a series of recipes that take 30 minutes or less. Of course, the majority of the recipes are upscale and not simple. I don't make many of the recipes on a day-to-day basis, but definitely pull them out when I have guests. I have had many successful dinner parties thanks to Bon Appetit! Best of all, the magazine has a corresponding website that chronicles past recipes and has a bunch of other extras.

bon appetit

love this magazine and the recipes. they always work the way they are written.
the monthly section that readers request a certain recipe from a restaurant they visited have given me some of my best keepers.

Bon Appetit is AWESOME!

I've been giving this as a gift subscription for over a year to my fiancee. I more than reap the benefits. Every month new recipes and ideas. We don't always follow the recipes, they're more guidelines or inspiration. Not to say they don't stand alone, but we like to add some hot sauce to some things, or throw some chicken in a veg stir fry. This magazine definately inspires new ideas as well as tradition meals.