Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

Yummy, yummy, stuff my tummy

I am a subscriber to Bon Appetit Magazine and I look forward to their issues every month! I buy this magazine mainly for the recipes and the great pictures which give me many ideas on how to present my food.
The reason why I like this magazine so much is because it gives you recipes of more modern styles and types of food for all occasions.
The dishes are tasty and are in a league of their own when comparing them to other cooking magazines.
I highly recommend Bon Appetit for anyone who loves to cook and try new and exciting recipes. It's great for people who have BBQ's and dinner parties or for people who want to get into that sort of thing.
If you cook using Bon Appetite for guidance you will impress everyone who attends your functions.
Bon Appetite is the icing on the cake!!!!!


Not the flashiest food magazine, but consistently delivers.

Of the three primary cooking magazines (Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Food and Wine), Bon Appetit is the one about how people cook on a daily basis. There is some travel and restaurant coverage, but it is not the focus of the magazine like it is in Gourmet. There are articles on wine and contemporary recipes combining exotic ingredients, but not to the same extent you find in Food and Wine. Here, the food is the star, and it lives up to its top billing. For people who cook more often than on special occassions, this is the magazine for you. The photography displays the food to advantage and the recipes are consistently well-written and produce delicious results. While you will find complex and elaborate recipes that are fun to make when you have the time, there are also plenty of recipes and menus that you can incorporate into your daily cooking. Bon Appetit may not be as flashy as its peers, but if you're looking for a magazine to cook with, this is the one.

Great Cooking Magazine

Bon Appetit is such an underrated magazine for people who like to cook.

I am a longtime subscriber, and I have kept all of the past issues. The magazine is always full of both easy and sophisticated recipes. You will really love the November and December issues, with Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hannukah recipes.

The photography, the recipes, the product descriptions, the cookbook reviews, this magazine has it all.

In comparison to its closest rivals, which I perceive to be Gourmet, Cook's Illustrated, and Cooking Light, Bon Appetit is the clear winner. Gourmet is too high end, with a sparse design style. Cook's Illustrated lack the photography that is essential to a cooking magazine. In my view, Cooking Light is both too niche and too low end.

Bon Appetit sets the perfect tone. Don't let the title scare you away.

My favorite cooking magazine

I've subscribed to Bon Appetit for about 20 years now and out of all the major cooking magazines I like this one the best. Gourmet is nice but focuses more on travel. Food and Wine is OK, but focuses more on wines. I like all the other cooking magazines for different reasons, but I think that Bon Appetit does a great job publishing fantastic recipes the best. The recipes are not usually quick, easy ones, but, then again I enjoy cooking somewhat complicated dishes that take time to prepare. If you love to cook and want to try some good recipes, then I highly recommend Bon Appetit.

Wonderful Magazine for those that like to cook

I take several cooking magazines and I like this one the best. Gourmet seems to have recipes that are a bit gourmand, that need ingredients that you will need to do a search for, while this isn't entirely bad, sometimes you want to make something that is in your cupboards. I like that these recipes are everyday recipes that have been taken up a level or two. Articles are informative, with discussing a particular food, ingredient, or technique. I love the artistic photography. This strikes me as a balance between Gourmet, and Cooking Illustrated. This beats cooking illustrated for the photography and the depth of the recipes in each issue. I highly recommend this one!

I love Bon Appetit . . . chock full of awesome recipes

Bon Appetit is a magazine devoted to those who want to cook "gourmet" (or at least delicious) meals at home. The recipes are creative, unique and tasty enough that even an expert or professional chef would enjoy them, yet the intermediate at-home cook will have no trouble finding the ingredients or preparing these lovely meals.
One of my favorite parts of this magazine is the recipes from popular restaurants. It is always exciting when a local eatery is featured in this area, and even if you don't have the option of eating out you can bring a little bit of fine dining into your home!
Bon Appetit is not full of advertising like some other cooking magazines. Yes, there are sections where cooking tools/pans/various dining items are discussed and reviewed, but for the most part these are actually helpful (as opposed to other magazines that blantantly advertise items the average person couldn't afford anyway!) and I always enjoy looking through them. Also, LOADS of color photos which is a big plus over even expensive cookbooks.
In short, if you like to cook and want lots and lots of new or seasonal recipes to look at each month, subscribe to Bon Appetit!

A nice middle ground

I have had several subscriptions to different cooking magazines during my marriage and this is the best middle ground for my family. I love Gourmet. I like to cook Gourmet, but my family refuses to eat Gourmet. My family prefers Taste of Home. I have found that Bon Appetit is a nice middle ground. It allows me to cook the interesting recipes I want while still being able to get my family to eat it.

Great recipes! Great pictures.

I've subscribed to Bon Appetit for years now and I still love it. I collect favorite recipes from each magazine and keep them in a binder for future reference. I'm consistently pleased with the results of the recipes. The RSVP section, with requested recipes from restaurants, is great.

Extremely accessible--covers a wide range

I have been a fan of Bon Appetit for 12 years. This is the magazine that taught me to cook. I have grown with this magazine, starting out as a complete amateur, which means that it's highly accessible to a wide range of cooking abilities. Bon Appetit has introduced me to a multitude of foods and cooking methods I knew nothing about and which are now fully integrated into my repertoire. It brings fine and quality cooking in an easily accessible manner to the uninitiated. It's loaded with a wide range of entertaining options, from simple to sophisticated. And thanks to Bon Appetit, I am able to play "gourmet cook" on a nightly basis. It's loaded with genuinely simple, accessible recipes that still allow you to practice cooking on busy weeknights and eat quality food in a sophisticated yet simple manner. I look forward to each new issue every month--it's a joy to read, and you certainly can't get to cooking every recipe. But it's fun to dream!

As a vegetarian, I find many recipes that accommodate my food interests or are easily converted. I believe Bon Appetit recognizes the growing vegetarian market and makes a concerted effort to cater to it without alienating its carnivorous following. Even the annual grilling issue in the summer, which is generally the least accessible to me, still has vegetarian recipes.

I highly recommend this magazine if you like to experiment and want to learn how to cook. The recipes are explicit, well illustrated, and cover a wide variety of tastes. They're interesting and fun!


The coverage always seems nice and varied -- there are the elaborate, "took me a week to prepare" meals alongside the quick throw-together meals, and helpful side notes about products and ingredients. I also like the tangential coverage for dining out, wine, and travel (to good food places!)