Reviews For Birds & Blooms Magazine

Birds & Blooms, Truth without Advertising

Getting Birds And Blooms is like having a garden tour in your mailbox! Each issue is filled with pictures of real gardens, maintained by real people, not paid professionals. There is NO ADVERTISING in this magazine, just beautiful color pictures of... yes, Birds... and Blooms. When I sit down with this magazine, I feel like I'm strolling though a neighbors prize garden, oooing and ahhing over their precious plants and artful arrangements. Most issues have a section of pictures of birdfeeders and birdhouses, sent in by readers. The creativity that goes into some of these is just amazing. Bird and Blooms is a very reader oriented magazine. They have contests each month, and have done things like sponser a nationwide, "rural road" clean up. When they did that, they reasoned that bigger roads have people who 'adopt' them and keep them clean, so what could be done to encourage the cleanup of smaller, more rural areas. The Birds and Blooms staff went out and 'salted' rural roads, (I believe it was one in each state) with a hundred dollar bill in a special envelope. They then encouraged their readers to do the same, well, not necessarily with a hundred bucks, but even a dollar or two helped. And they let it be known that there was cash among the trash, so let's clean it up! That's one of the reasons I like this magazine so much. The readers answering other readers questions is a fantastic section also. I've learned more creative ways to discourage squirrels or encourage good "critters" than I'd thought possible. The BEST magazine for real gardeners, not pros!


Be Visually Amazed!

There is only word to describe this magazine "Beautiful". This magazine is filled with the most breathtaking and stunning photographs of birds I have ever seen.

This magazine is a visual tour of people all across the country and there gardens that attract birds and butterflies. Some people in the country have the most gorgeous gardens and I am so jealous of them just from looking at this magazine. I have cut out pictures of my dream gardens to attract birds and butterflies. There is also a letter from the readers section where subscribers write in to talk about there bird stories and rare bird sightings. There are also pictures from all over the United States of birdhouses people have handcrafted themselves. There are sure a lot of talented people out there and it has given me great ideas for birdhouses that I would like to build.

The magazine gives you wonderful tips on what to plant to attract the most wildlife to your garden and also how to take care of those plants and flowers. Some examples they have given for attracting birds and butterflies are Paul's Scarlet Hawthorne and Purple Wisteria.

The magazine has the best pictures of close-ups of birds. I love the pictures people have captured of birds feeding there young. It is something that you rarely get to see but you can in this magazine, it is just simply a beautiful thing to see a mother bird feeding her young with there hungry beaks open wanting the treat that there mother brought for them.

The best thing about this magazine is that there are no ads. So of course it costs more then other magazines but it is money very well spent. If you like to be visually inspired to have a great garden I highly recommend this magazine, the photographs will leave you breathless.


Birds! Blooms! Oh My

"Birds and Bloom", the biggest little magazine around.I have subscribed to Birds and Blooms for several years now and let me say it is one great magazine, and one I will not give up.

The magazine is not only about birds and flowers but pertains to almost anything in the yard, butterflies, squirrels and even raccoons at times.
Every issue you are given a tour of a garden that is grown by the common everyday person such as you and me, One issue you may see Alabama, and the next issue Kansas or Michigan. It is interesting to know how the garden may have started with just a couple of plants and how it has been developed over time. Many pictures are included.

Questions Across the Fence. If you have a question such as How would you build a Martin House for the Purple Martin, or if you have a request such as you need Datura seed just ask. It will be put to the public in Questions Across the Fence. You may just find the answer from another reader.Of course you may end up with four hundred answers too.

Each issue includes Blooming Beauty, a section that tell about one particular flower. How to grow, when to plant in your area, what type of soil is needed and many more things. It is very informative to the young and the older gardener.

Want to learn about one particular bird. Look under "Top Billing" You can lean the whole story about say a Tufted Titmouse. It will explain what the like to eat, where they nest, how they take care of the young and a lot more.

Bird Tales are fun little stories and pictures of birds and there habits. You may find a story of a woodpecker feeding at a hummingbird feeder or Towhee singing to itself while watching itself in a mirror.

In the center pages you may take a walk through a woodland and see wildflowers of be taken to a tree full of fall color. There will be pictures of birds and butterflies and just maybe a garden or two.

Another section is known as Flying Flowers. It will show a picture of a butterfly and give a hint. Hopefully you can then identify it. If not the answer is on another page for you.

There is a section to show bird feeders and bird houses. Some are very unusual, such as one birdhouse that may look like a guitar while another may look like a train.

Under You Be the Judge you will be voting for the best picture in a Photo Contest. There may be four different sections to judge over the months such as Flying Flowers, Feathered Friends, Blooming Beauties, and People in Paradise.

You will find a readers scrapbook. It includes pictures taken by the readers of the magazine. It can include almost any picture taken outdoors. You may see a bird sitting on a vine covered mailbox or a sunflower that is heart shaped.

Another great thing is no adds at all in the magazine. You will not read one page and have to turn five more to continue the story.

They also have a fun contest in each issue. They hide and acorn and when you find it send in a post card as to where it is located. You will be entered into a drawing for a gift, such as a birdfeeder of maybe a pair of binoculars. There are always 50 winners.

All in all this is a magazine that I would recommend to all ages. It is well written and very educational. It is one that I will not give up.


a must for backyard birders

I have subscribed to Birds & Blooms for several years. It is one of my favorite garden magazines. I really look forward to its arrival & usually read it cover to cover the day it arrives. I even share it with my 87 year old neighbor. We both enjoy the beautiful photographs as well as the informative articles. If you are interested in attracting birds and/or butterflies to your backyard, this magazine is a must. There is always lots of information on plants that will attract birds to your yard & on how to provide them with the habitat necessary for them to nest & live safely in any area of the country.


You can almost ...

You can almost hear the birds and smell the flowers as you look through this fantastic magazine. The photography is on the same level(maybe better) than "National Geographic". The articles are well written and informative.

If you enjoy flowers and birds, this is the one magazine that you do not want to be without.

One of my favorite sections is the reader's photographs. I saw one issue that showed pictures of different birdhouses that had been built by the readers. I was inspired to the point of going out to the workshop and starting on a birdhouse for my yard.

The magazine does not seem to be overloaded with advertisements which makes it much more pleasant to read.

If I could change anything, I would have it put out 12 times a year instead of 6 and make it even thicker.


Great for Bird lovers and Gardeners

This is a wonderful magazine which I read cover to cover. The pictures are beautiful, the bird information is fun and informative, and the gardening information is great as well. I especially like the letters from readers about personal birding experiences. I have never seen any other magazine that combines birding and gardening the way this one does.
I sent this subscription to both my sisters for Christmas, and they are now hooked as well. They also have a lot of ideas for feeding birds, including recipes for feeding, and contests for interesting bird feeders.
I get other gardening magazines, but they don't combine birding with gardening, which in my mind goes hand in hand.


Feed your gardener's soul

As a gardener/nature lover, I am always searching for the "perfect magazine"--one which shows me how to make the most of my environment and enjoy the beauty of nature.

"Birds and Blooms" is like ice on a sunburn--cooling, soothing, and oh-so-welcome when I see it in my mailbox! Although I can hardly wait to open it, I savor the anticipation and wait until I can give it my undivided attention. After dinner, I tear off the plastic cover and sit down to enjoy the antics of backyard birding, see creative birdhouses built by readers along with beautiful flowers and landscaping. I am encouraged once again to do my best at my current project, because after all, here is someone just like me and they did it!

Unlike other magazines like "Better Homes and Gardens," "Birds and Blooms" is written straight to you--as one might talk from one friend to another. The projects are never far-reaching in the imagination. Each situation presented could be easily accomplished by the reader.

"Setting The Table" is an area where readers share ideas on how to attract birds to their area. The latest beginning article about putting peanuts out for Blue Jays gave me ideas. After "setting the table" in my own back yard, the birds did come--babies and all! I laughed until tears ran down my face as I watched eight Blue Jays dive and snatch peanuts from my table. I tell you, this one experience was worth the price of the subscription several times over!


All magazine -- NO advertising!

Ok, I admit it -- I'm a home and garden magazine junkie. I don't believe I could live through the month without at least one new magazine coming in every week to 10 days. Over the past few years, however, it seems that it takes less and less time to browse through any of my favorite magazines for actual articles and columns of interest -- it seems that at least half of every magazine is advertising!

Birds and Blooms is the total opposite! This magazine just makes me feel good. The articles are usually short, and the magazine itself is thinner than most (due to the lack of advertising), but the photos and stories are heartwarming, informative and down to earth. We recently bought a house on 2 lots on Beaver Lake in NW Arkansas, and the front and back yards are literally slopes full of clay and rock, squirrels, yellow and purple finches, hummingbirds and mourning doves. Slowly we're changing the rock and weed part, and our goal is to have a showplace in 5 years -- through our own labor, blood and sweat. This takes time, money and maybe most importantly, IDEAS and assistance. If you can't get at least one wonderful idea from each magazine, it's because you aren't in the market for new ideas.

I plan on giving subscriptions to this magazine to several family members for Christmas.


Hooked for life

My husband and I began receiving Birds & Blooms as a Christmas gift from my in-laws about 4 years ago. I was hooked after the first issue! The pictures are beautiful, the articles are very well written and each issue provides valuable information on everything from what type of birdhouse to use for attracting certain birds to when you should plant what type of plant, flower, tree or bush. I love seeing the backyard transformations in each issue and they always give me wonderful ideas for my own yard. I have always had a "black thumb" but anyone can have a beautiful yard if you follow the advice of the writers and editors of Birds & Blooms. As they say in the movie business..."Two Thumbs Up!"


Watch The Birdie

Its more than just for the birds, it contains blooming beauty for those who love to garden or wish they could! Talk about your photos, and we are not talking ads, there aren't any. What could be nicer than that!
It is a bright and colorful magazine, full of photos taken from people like you and me. They have gardens that are simple but yet breath taking. Full of front yards and backyards all across North America, with landscapes alive with colorful flowers,plants,birds and delightful butterflies.
If you always thought that maybe you wanted to help out nature a bit, you can start right in your own yard, with enlightening ideas to guide you.
By making a bird house, what kind of seeds to feed certain birds in your zone,a simple bird bath,a squirrel feeder etc. The list can go on, it's up to you, let that nature lover come out, I guarantee a smile from season to season! As in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "Though an old man, I am but a young gardener".