Reviews For Birds & Blooms Magazine

Beautiful, but not much else

I was given a gift subscription to Birds and Blooms. I agree with others that the pictures are beautiful. Some of the pictures are really quite breath-taking as a matter of fact. However, this is not a magazine you should take if you are looking to learn more about gardening or birding. There is no knowledge acquiring content what so ever. Unless of course you would like to build a very esoteric birdhouse--then you could look at the pictures and figure out how to do that.
Really, I am not knocking the magazine. It IS lovely and filled with wonderful pictures. It's just that that's all it is and if that is what you are particularly looking for, then it will fill the bill.


Magazine has gone downhill

I have been a long-term subscriber to Birds & Blooms. Apparently a few years ago Reader's Digest took over Reiman Publications. Ever since, I've noticed the quality of the magazine going downhill. It used to be ad-free. Not anymore. Now, I have to deal with 3-page drug company ads in a magazine that is supposed to be devoted to birding and gardening. I can pick up any other old magazine and see at least 4-5 drug company ads. I don't want to have to page through them in this magazine. I won't be renewing my subscription.