Reviews For Backpacker Magazine


Backpacker magazine is obviously a magazine that is about the wonderful world of backpacking. They do gear reviews, rate places to go, have excellent stories, and if you pay attention to their advertising you can really save some money. I think that Backpacker is the best outdoor magazine that is in print, and here are the reasons why.

First, look at their gear reviews, they do in depth articles on all types of gear from stoves to tents. This is a wonderful source for the serious backpacker who wants to make informed decisions. Also, once a year they publish a VERY in depth review of thousands of products. If you decide not to subscribe to the magazine then please heed my words, make sure you pick up the yearly Gear Guide. Trust me you will thank me once you go to make a purchase.

Second, they have awesome reviews on places to go. The trip lengths vary from their "Weekend Wilderness" to long treks. The offer information about great outdoor places all over the US and some international. I personally have gone to many of the places that they review, and their opinions have always been right on in my mind. Plus a lot of their reviews are on spots that you have never heard of and would probably not find out about unless you read Backpacker.

Fourth, it really is a great magazine for learning tricks to help you in the wilderness. From repairing your backpack with dental floss, to fixing your shoes in horrible situations. Everyone can learn something from this magazine no matter how experienced you are!

The fourth reason why you should subscribe is because it saves you money! There are a lot of companies that advertise in Backpacker, and many are wholesale with huge discounts. If you are just a poor hiker like me, then this will mean a lot to you. I have found things that were 1/2 the price of their in store value. The savings will really make a difference.

Finally, the only thing that I have to say about the magazine, it only comes out 9 times a year. This is rough, I wish it was a weekly magazine, I just love reading it.

I would recommend Backpacker to anyone who considers themselves a Backpacker, and to people who are considering the activity. You can really learn a lot about first aid, cool places, and many other things that are of interest to outdoorsmen. For this reason I now have a 5 year subscription, I can't go without it!


The ultimate Gear guide

This is the Consumer Reports of the backpacking world. Compared to other hiking magizines like "Outside" that advertise everything as top of the line with out evidence, Backpacker's reserchers test varoius products for months before writing a final review. Each researcher is sent to a different area/climate and writes there own opinion and gives the product a grade(1-4). Then the avergae of the grades is the final score. Backpacker Magazine has directed to the purchase of my stove, and has taught me better ways to take care of my purchases as well(cleaning my sleeping bag, and keeping my tent seams sealed). Though the magazine comes at a high cost, the knowledge gained will save you money on your next purchase.


Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker magazine is an excellent publication for many reasons. As a lifelong student of nature, it expands my horizons of travel planning. It shows me places I may never get to travel to, but still am able to appreciate the beauty. As an all-around camper and hiker, it offers a myriad of practical advice that may apply to many outdoors situations. The equipment reviews are very good, also, especially for boots. The only downside to some of the equipment, particularly the rain gear, is it a little out of range of your average middle-class scout leader type, as is the author. But then, good gear lasts so much longer, and is worth it's weight in gold when you are several day's walk from your next sporting goods store. The recipes are great, too. It is amazing what you can put together with the right dry stuffs. Even the ads in the back are a good outdoor resource, for treks and equipment. Other magazines of this genre, such as Outside, which seems to have been taken over by the lunatic trail-biker fringe, or Camping Life, which is a little thin for the money, but still has some good advice, except for the RV articles (yuk!) are worth the trouble by the issue, depending on the articles of the month. Backpacker has proven to be the best we have read of the bunch.


Not only for backpackers!

My husband and I have subscribed to this magazine for several years and fight over who gets to read it first when it comes in the mail. It really does have something for everyone, from short hikes to longer trips and treks. I think there is something for everyone in this magazine, even if you are just a casual hiker. It is nice they have a "skills health" section to help keep your body ready for the challenges of this outdoor sport. They usually have some good recipes for car camping too. I think they get it right with keeping the info up to date. For example, backpackers really DO want to know about the best instant espresso and coffee presses, the cost and how much they weigh. In a sport where everything needs to be light weight, it is nice they show not only expensive light-weight products but give you information in all price categories. The best part about the magazine are the inspiring hikes they review in all areas of the country. I never feel far from a good hike. They map out the hikes for you and help you plan them too. It seems as if they have just completed the hike themselves (which someone probably has. There is so much information on each page, you would think you can't find anything in this magazine but they keep it well organized with boxes and different colors separating the info.


The Best in the Business

This magazine is the best in the business in providing quality information on the outdoors. Its reviews of places and excursions are great and provide really helpful info. And the product information is phenomenal. You actually get information from people who have used the product in the field. Combine these things with creativity, fun-loving attitude, and great pictures and you've got a great magazine. It's really a fun read and is written in a way that grabs your attention and is very informative. As far as outdoor magazines go this one is the best in the business. It's a definite keeper. I'm hoping for a subscription for Christmas, but if not I'll have to take matters into my own hands. It's definitely worth it.


Great For The Outoor Enthusiast

Backpacker magazine is the must-have magazine for backpackers, dayhikers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. This is the only magazine which I read cover to cover every issue. The editors have been able to cram advice columns, adventure stories, gear sections, and trail news into every issue while still maintaining that down-to-earth attitude that makes backpackers such great people. I have followed their advice on many of my own backpacking purchases and have found them to be right 99 percent of the time. I have also learned a lot from their skills section and thoroughly enjoy reading about the various trips that the writers take. Another nice feature is their connection to many outdoor organizations. Many of these foundations advertise in their magazine and Backpacker often gives ways in which an interested hiker might become more involved in the outdoors. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in nature.


Backpacker Magazine -- The Best

Since I bought my first Backpacker Magazine four years, I have been a religious reader. To give a little insight into what this magazine tries to accomplish, I think that I had better be speaking to the right people. First of all, you must be a nature enthusiast. Secondly, you must be willing to learn more than you already know about the outdoors. Finally, you must try and use the information that you learn in practical terms. Now that you know who Backpacker is writing to, I'll you a few things that really make the magazine different to other outdoor mags. My favorite part of this magazine is their reviews on gear. I know that most outdoor enthusiasts tend to spend a large amount of money on gear. What kind of a better way to decide on gear than them trying stuff out for you. Another great feature is their routine story on a great place to hike. Several little known gems have found the pages of this magazine. The only thing that I can find lacking in this magazine is stories of people. I tend to like reading and learning about fellow nature lovers. This is the only downfall when compared to Outdoor Magazine. So if it was up to me I would definitely get a subscription to Backpacker, it is well worth the price.


The only choice really

No other outdoor magazine comes close to Backpacker to answer the questions of where to go and what to take. There are more destination suggestions in a year than one could ever visit in a lifetime, all with accompanying directions, notes, climate, visitation levels, etc.

When it comes to gear, the editors work hard to keep quality AND cost in mind and are careful to test less-well-known, but worthy brands. This is a departure from other outdoors mags that seem to sell recommendations to high retail price manufacturers. Backpacker even did a review of the gear available in large discount stores...

A 10 star publication

This is the most complete publication for any walker, hiker, backpacker that we have found and the August 2002 interview with Colin Fletcher reminded me of why we subscribe and look for each new issue with such intense anticipation.

The Departments are: Backtalk where readers provide their feedback, Signposts which deals with politics and social news stories of interest to the readers, Body Language which deals with mind body spirit aspects of the sport.
Wild Things which is subtitled The Nature of It All. Moveable Feast which deals with food and has some great recipes that are not only healthy but taste awesome. In the August issue they have a great Almond Bar recipe.

Week End Wilderness is the section where they list great week end outings in various parts of the country. Outfitting is all about clothing choices that make walking, hiking etc enjoyable and safe.

Get Out More 2002 is a section where readers share places they have hiked and what made it special. Know How is about what it says.......Skill techniques and tips. Like leaving the tent behind and saving the extra weight and sleeping under the stars in a better warm sleeping bag set-up. Backcountry is about tales from the trails.

The Special Section carries feature articles on backpacking and things like kayaking, snow trips, fishing and backpacking etc. As well as issues like new equipment and hidden away places for hiking that most people ignore.

It is simply the best magazine on the subject and one any serious hiker, walker, backpacker all seasons enthusiast will have in their home.

Where Else will you get in Depth Analysis of Duct Tape?

I'm not much of a magazine guy, but I must confess I am thoroughly addicted to this one. It is smart, fun, helpful, inspiring and well written. Content usually includes: a backcountry skill, a lightweight tip, a couple underrated destinations, caring for some body part that is troublesome when backpacking, backcountry food ideas, as well as a number of other brief tips, debates (e.g. deodorant, worth the weight?) trail suggestions and commentaries. There are also always extensive gear reviews (and an annual dedicated issue) that I could do without, but I'm sure are helpful to gear addicts. Oh, and the photography is fantastic. On the whole this is a great little publication that really accentuates the backpacking experience and allows you to live it vicariously when you are not able to get to the mountains.