Reviews For Backpacker Magazine

A necessity for every backpacker

Backpacker Magazine is great. It gives me the information I need to make smart purchases on gear. It has good reviews that help me see all of the new equipment that I didn't even know I needed. But more than just informational information, it has a balanced blend of information and inspiration. It always has descriptions of treks that I can, or at least would like to, picture myself taking someday. The stories inspire me to step away from my desk and get out hiking. The articles are good in that they are interesting to both the newer backpacker and the experienced. I've been backpacking for about 10 years, and Backpacker still gives me great ideas.

Leader of a culture

I get the feeling the people making this mag really like what they're doing and are good at it. They do a good job covering the whole country instead of just one region. Even though I live very near the White Mountains it's a lot of fun to hear ideas that come form other parts of the country. It's like hearing reports on a distant family member and what they're doing and it gets you thinking a little differently about how your doing things here. I only wish the mag's were longer.


This magazines helps me get through the year! I've planned several trips around their recommendations and never have been disapointed.

Excellent value

I bought this magazine for my husband for Christmas. He loves it! He's read it from cover to cover and back again. It is packed full with information, plus it has links to their web for more information and downloadable maps. This is a great value and will inspire anyone to get outdoors and start hiking.

It's a dreambook for avid hikers and backpackers

Every month I look forward to receiving Backpacker,and usually read every word of it (except the annual Gear Issue, in which I tend to cherry-pick information that's of interest). There's also a down side, however, as I always read the trip descriptions, gaze at the enticing photos, and find myself pining to get out and do every trip described (and more), which can be frustrating! Anyone with even a remote interest in getting out and enjoying the wilderness on foot will find inspiration here.

Backpacker Magazine Review

I purchased this magazine for a Christmas gift and was very suprised at how quickly the subscription started. Within a week of Christmas the first issue was delivered. My son was very happy.

Came fast.

I'll never subscribe any other way again. The magazine started arriving exactly when they said it would.


Bought this magazine never having heard of it before, and it is amazing. I love it.

"He's Hard to Please!"

I bought this magazine for my hiking husband. He had the dream to hike most of the Appalchian Trail before age 70. This magazine went to work in his brief case, and was quickly missed when our daughter picked it up to read in her room. He had an interest in most of the articles. It was well worth the purchase price.

gift was a hit

I bought this as a gift for my son-in-law who is an avid hiker, mountain climber. He loves it. Got it for him 2 years in a row now. Easy gift buying, and he enjoys a present I bought him all year.