Reviews For Backpacker Magazine

Not just for backpackers

This magazine covers a lot more than just backpacking. It is a valuable reference for all types of outdoor pursuits. The travel destination suggestions are creative, but seem a bit unreasonable if you are not stocked up with vacation time. The gear reviews are thorough and fair, but could be more extensive in terms of the number of manufacturers and models tested. The fitness advice, while directed mostly to walking a trail carrying a load, can easily be generalized to keep you in shape. Backpacker doesn't contain as many narratives as some of the other outdoor magazines, but this can be taken as either a positive or negative.

Even with these criticisms it is still a great magazine. If you like to do stuff outdoors in any season I highly suggest it. It will open your eyes to other activities you can try, places you can go, and gear you can use.

I've only been a reader for one year, but over the course of that year I've been nothing but impressed by this magazine. I just renewed my subscription for a second year.

Great Magazine!

Backpacker truly is an awesome magazine. My husband has been getting it for a while now and we both love reading it. We're not real sporty people, but we do like to hike and camp, and this magazine offers so much for us. I give it the absolute best rating! I'd suggest anyone who loves the outdoors, and hiking at any level, to check it out.


Backpacker is a rare thing in the periodical market: a magazine that never has a weak issue. I have subscribed to Backpacker for a year now. It has only gotten better in that time--truly going from strength to strength.

If you love the outdoors, this is the magazine for you. Your level of experience at things like hiking, camping, rock-climbing, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, and yes--backpacking, is not an issue. This magazine consistently has something for people of all levels.

My debt to these pages is great indeed: I have learned some skills and honed others. I have discovered (and visited) some places I did not know existed. It was in Backpacker that I was tipped off about the Beans at the Roosevelt Lodge (this alone being worth the price of subscription).

I love: the Reader's Choice Awards, the Gear Guide Issue, the work-out plan from last year's spring hiking issue, and the stories/feautures. I didn't think they made magazines like this anymore. I was wrong.

Backpacker is an excellent publication. I give it my highest recommendation. Get a copy today.

My favorite magazine

The only magazine I really care about. They never truly get old because nature and trails remain the same so I often go back and look at past issues. Great magazines for hikers.

Great magazine/great deal

Backpacker is a great magazine for people who really get out and hike. So many outdoor magazines are more fashion shoots and for armchair travelers. Backpacker is full of useful information.

Great read for new and experienced backpackers

The magazine is thoughtful and fun with a wealth if useful information. I particularly enjoy the hike descriptions and have got a few great ideas from the featured trips. It also includes useful tips and advice from how to cross a river in flood to preparing a mean campsite meal.
One of the few magazines I've bought where i really look forward to it arriving in the mail.

Great resource for backpackers

Great magazine at a great price. It's full of good advice and helpful tips. The many gear reviews are extremely helpful. Great pictures throughout!


I've been backpacking for years & I've subscribed to BACKPACKER for YEARS! The Gear Guide, Editors Choice Awards, Our National Parks Issues, the backcountry recipies, getting back in hiking shape articles, survival, Hike farther feel better, take better photos, the list seems to be ENDLESS!! This magazine is great for the first time backpacker to a seasoned thur-hiker of the AT/PCT/CDT ect. I give this magazine a 5+ STAR out of 5.

Backpacker magazine

I've just renewed my subscription,and a friends also,for Backpacker magazine for the...I don't know how many-ith time. To me Backpacker is the quintessential magazine for any backpacker. It informs and entertains anyone from the first time hiker to the person that's hiked all their life. From the food recipes to the first aid techniques to the annual gear guide, to the incredible photography and informative articles, no publication does it like Backpacker. I'm sold.

My son LOVES this magazine!

My son says this is the best magazine he's read in a while. I'm sure it takes him places in his mind that he's never dreamed of going before. It is inspiring to him and he has visions of hiking the Appalachian Trail in the future.