Reviews For Backpacker Magazine

They lost me

I used to pick this up regularly until one issue featuring an article listing the most scenic places to defecate was written. I figured by that time, the editorial staff had just about scraped the bottom of the pit toilet not having anything better to write about. Still, there are some good trail write-ups from time to time. They'll have to work harder to get me back though.

If I wanted ads and political commentary, I'd subscribe to Time

Every now and again, I'll get suckered back into subscribing for this mag. I'm an avid outdoorsman who has climbed about 15 of NY's highest peaks. Although I don't do much backpacking anymore due to a ruptured disk and age, I still enjoy reading about places to go and the latest gear. Well, this magazine used to do that for me. Now it is a watered down version of the old rag.

What irked me the most though is being fed one sided environmental claptrap and political commentary. The people behind this magazine and mags like Outside don't believe there are conservatives who love and care for the outdoors. I don't care for the high browed attitudes espoused by many on the outdoor community. If I wanted that kind of commentary, I'll read "insert liberal magazine here". I want to read about backpacking, not your agenda thanks.

Devious renewal policy

This publication has gone to an assumed automatic renewal - with no choice by the subscriber. Since I didn't agree to this arrangement I didn't bother to respond. The next thing I knew, I was receiving a collection notice.

Full Price for 1/3 a Magazine

Like others have said, you basically pay for a full magazine and get what amounts to 1/3 a magazine, 1/3 gear review, and 1/3 ads, which is at least 1/3 less magazine than the typical periodical. I was VERY disappointed with this magazine. I thought I had finally discovered the perfect outdoor/hiking magazine and was extremely unhappy when all I really found was 3 "regional" hikes that aren't really all that close to me, and a bunch of reviews on high end gear that I don't need and will never buy.

Thumbs down


the gift subscription I ordered at Christmas time has not arrived at the Yreka, California address it was to be sent to. Please notify me if there is a problem or it is still in the processing phase. Thank-you.