Reviews For Allure Magazine

So much promise, so little result

Allure is a great idea that's poorly manifested. I love it in principle -- a magazine devoted to beauty with a heavy focus on makeup. The content, however, is short on how-to and long on buy-this-product. Much of the makeup is expensive and exclusive, unavailable to the majority of the buying public. They're constantly raving over products that are quite frankly terrible, to the point where seeing Allure recommend something actually makes me less likely to try it. The fashion spreads are pointless and would be better left out, focusing on expensive items, unwearable trends, or flash-in-the-pan fads. The "Makeup Colors" technique is always frustrating, as the listed products never even resemble the actual look achieved. This problem is worsened by the fact that the colors of featured products rarely render true on the pages; I get sick of buying a cosmetic product only to find the color looks nothing like the way it looked on the page. It swings wildly between trends and recommendations with no apparent sense of coherence to it; its advice frequently contradicts itself from one month to the next. Finally, its focus on fluffy celebrity, name brand clothes, and rich-and-famous lifestyles (it's obsessed with recommending clothes and etiquette for red-carpet "parties" of the kind I can't begin to relate to) leads the average reader to develop a massive inferiority complex.

Skip this one and go for Lucky for versatile fashion advice, the most important makeup tips and trends, and a wider range of ages, hairstyles, and races on the models than the bland-beautiful-young-white-girl Allure favors.

Lots of nudity

I purchased the Best of Beauty Magazine (Allure October 2006 issue) to see the list of best beauty products. The list was incomplete, so far I've noticed that they left out eye cream this time. Pictures had a lot of nudity so I wouldn't buy it any other month.


I've subscribed to Allure since it first hit the stands in the early 90s. The first 5 years it contained really intelligent and in depth articles as well as all the trends on beauty, skin care, some fashion but mainly focussed on makeup. Since then I've noticed a steady change in the wrong direction. Its main focus seems to be more on the Hollywood crowd and the articles have little or no substance. It has become so predictable I can breeze thru the latest issue in less than 30 minutes and then I toss it. The magazine must not be doing well because they're constantly offering fantastic renewal rates. When my current subscription expires I will NOT be renewing.

allure is awful

I do not know what is more repulsive about this rag. The unreadable writing or all the photos of the models that look so thin, they must have gone on crash diets to look that way while dangering their own health in the process.

Ugh!!! Who prints this drivel?!

For a magazine that prints "the beauty expert" on every cover,Allure is quite ambitious. With every issue (I got the subscription as a gift) I am more sure of the fact that this is one of the worst fashion magazines out there, as far as looks go. The layouts are so hideous, that alone makes me wary of taking any of their beauty advice. Try flipping through an issue and you'll understand why I find this magazine difficult to read or follow. With a plethora of messy crayon-style arrows, crowded pages, and clashing colors, I never fail to be astounded that some ppl actually find the magazine stylish. For a far better investment, try subscribing to InStyle instead - now there's a magazine worth looking forward to!

It has been over two months and I have not received this item.

As such, I am unable to review it.

However, I can review the ship time and I am not pleased with it at all.

Allure(no way)

I am actually 15 and know alot about magazines and think that Allure sucks there is no point to it! Now Seventeen magazine is good for some mature people and the kids or teens.