Reviews For Allure Magazine

i really want allure with Mariah in frontpage

I don't speak so much english,so but i wanna buy the magazine where's mariah carey it's on frontpage, it's the january's magazine. thanks a lot

hair and makeup guru's dream

If you're looking for more of a fashion mag try Marie Claire or Glamour but this magazine is great if you are into the never-ending trends of hair and makeup!

Something for Women of All Ages

As a typical young female, I've read a lot of different magazines geared toward women. Most, in general, feature the same articles month after month, and therefore become repetitive and boring. Let's face it: there is only so much you can take reading about "The Best Bedroom Moves" issue after issue. Allure, however, never seems dull or filled with useless amounts of recycled information.

I began subscribing to the magazine at age 18 (I'm 23 now) and have never been disappointed. Allure has articles for every age, and I find relevant information for my life, body, and health, and then I am able to find information that will interest and benefit my 50+ year old mother. Perhaps that is part of the appeal of the magazine: any age group can enjoy it. Not many magazines can say that.

Unlike many other female-geared magazines, Allure offers more than just underwear pictures and "how to please your man" articles. Each issue, Allure has an entire section dedicated to new health science discoveries, such as new updates about skin cancer and sleep problems. The magazine seems genuinely about women, beauty, and health, whereas other magazines make some feminists role their eyes ("how to please your man," anyone?)

Like anything else, Allure has its downfalls. While I do appreciate the make-up, weightloss, and fashion tips, I still always feel that I can never quite live up to the expectation the magazine presents me. I'm a pretty girl in good physical health, and I still- at times- feel inadequate when reading the many awesome articles of this magazine.

Overall, I recommend Allure highly to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It contains more than just the bubbly sextalk of most female magazines, and therefore you get more zest for your money.

Great magazine

I'm a 16-year-old girl who finds most teen magazine not to my liking... luckily, I've found Allure! I'm a big beauty junkie and a conossieur of high end brands (I favor MAC, Nars, BeneFit, Urban Decay, Chanel, among others). This publication provides lots of beauty and fashion info. I also really love the in-depth essays, especially the ones questioning what beauty really is. If you're a fashionista/beauty queen you really need to subscribe!!!

great beauty magazine

I am not a fan of Cosmopolitan or Glamour - They may have tips on how to get some, but the tips you really need to get some is to look gorgeous and Allure will definitely tell you how. From the best department store products to affordable with same result suggestions. How to take care of your hair, how to take care of your mood, body, etc. I love this magazine.

Great mag!

I luv this mag! it gives you all the info you need on beauty basics, a USEFUL health section, good articles, thorough comparisons between brands for different makeup products and they always recommend places where you should get things done around the US!

They always pick good people for their covers and their feature articles are always very thorough! There are a little bit too much ads, but they relate. The makeovers are amazing and they always get the most experienced experts to comment and criticise new products and surgeries.

i think you'll even like one issue enough to subscribe later on! they focus on everything from botox to fashion and aren't at all snobby and don't have completely irrelevant articles. With good info, and informative articles, who wouldn't want to buy this mag?

Gave Allure as a Christmas gift

Since I gave this as a Christmas gift, I can't really give a true review. But, I'm sure my grandaughter will love it throughout the year since it's a gift that comes every month!

Love it

Allure is a magazine I have been getting for years. It has great short articles about everything from makeup to hair. I find this magazine useful with there tips and tricks of the trades. The one downfall to this magazine is I think that there fashion is just a little to trend.

if you ever get your purchase

Ordering magazines is tempting because it is cheap..but unless you are prepared to order them for a planned out gift do not bother. i ordered allure (which is one of my favorites) over a month and a half ago and it still hasnt showed. its really not that hard to send one magazine to someone. they should give some sort of consolation. oh well..i guess it is back to the news stands and getting ripped off. ....if you ever get the chance to go to a fashion magazine..tear out all the double sided adds. you will have about 45 pages of real articles. BOO~


Allure focuses well with beauty (i.e. makeup, tips, beauty products, etc) ...before. I noticed that they push products too much on your face. I begin to think if they actually test the products on themselves as they claim to do. However, it is still the leading beauty magazine for me.