Reviews For Allure Magazine

Fashion! Makeup! More Makeup!

Ever flip through a magazine, skip all the articles, and dive straight into the beauty section? I have. Good beauty advice is what I want most out of my magazines. Well, Allure is a magazine devoted to beauty.

It covers everything from makeup, clothing, skin care, to health and the ups and downs of plastic surgery.

There are special little features in every issue that totally devote themselves to one aspect of beauty. One month the article was devoted to how to pluck your eyebrows, and it covered everything from technique to good tweezers to what to do to reduce swelling. Another month it centered around sunglasses and recommended styles and shapes to suit your skin tone and shape of face. Another month it was devoted to eyeliners! What kind of liners do what, what brands are recommended, how to apply pencil, liquid, powder liners... wheee, it's pure heaven for any beauty fanatic.

I also love how they take the time to go over what type of makeup the featured celebrity is wearing on the cover. It bothers me when I see the featured celeb wearing a divine shade of cosmetics and not being able to find out what it is and where to get it.

There is beauty Q&A galore in Allure. Some of the most respected names in haircare, makeup, nails, skincare, etc., are regular contributers to Allure and answer questions sent in by readers.

There's also a makeover in every issue!

So renown is Allure's makeup savvy that if a brand of beauty product wins an Allure's viewer's choice award, they proudly display it on ads and packaging. The editors and reporters do a fine job of introducing and reviewing new products, something I love reading about.

Aside from beauty advice, they also produce some very serious articles regarding beauty. In one month's issue, Allure reported on the various forms of cosmetic procedures and produced before/after pictures of each featured procedure and reported the pros and cons along with reviewing the general effectiveness.

If you love beauty and haircare, get Allure!

What you'll find lacking from Allure are the political articles (like you'll find in Marie Claire) and the sex and relationship articles (like in Cosmo and Glamour). This is first and foremost a magazine devoted to beauty all the way through.

My favorite magazine !

Each month I really look forward to getting my Allure issue.

The magazines focus is on beauty though you will also find some fashion pieces.

What I like most is the magazines unusual look at beauty. For example past issues have included a peek inside at the items in some bathroom cabinets belonging to well knowed women.
What strippers at Scores use to take care of their bodies. An article on the man who inspired the movie Shampoo.

And there are many traditional articles on beauty. Allure excells at being on the cutting edge of new technology that will make you even prettier. On these pages you will find out about botox, laser surgery, high tech hair and more.

Allure is refreshing in that it does not have a diet article every month. In fact several years ago Allure made a point to state that it did not want to offer up a diet of the month. But Allure does share tidbits of diet information like the latest on sweeteners or water weight. It will also occasionally run true life stories on dealing with the emotional side of eating problems. And recently has tracked two women and their weight loss efforts over several months.

Fashion articles are limited to a few pages and usually include pictorials on new trends, staking out the look of a star and the latest scoop on accessories.

Definately Allure is the magazine to buy to learn how to keep your look fresh and fun!

If you could only buy one magazine...

I have been a very happy subscriber since I was 13.

Finding my first issue in 1994, in a recycling box in my building's laundry room was something I will never forget. I am still on that same subscription, 11 years later and I absolutely loved every issue.

This has beauty and fashion. No mindless pages of gossip and how to please your man manuals, this one is all pure beauty.

I can always read about the best salons, spas, new makeup products; ways to put your own shades in new combos on your face, how to have the best bubble bath ever or the glossiest hair, this magazine does it all.

I look forward every month to see what it will bring me.
I always hear my female friends asking me to teach them how to apply makeup since they like mine, and I cannot really you how many of those requests I got! I also get begged to go makeup and skincare shopping and I really think that how I shop, do makeup, hair and my overall physical appearance, I can thank Allure for putting some nice and pretty ideas in my head. I am not superficial where I focus so much on the makeup, I can read and think deep, yet this is one guilty pleasure that this magazine satisfied for me.

I like how Allure focuses on Beauty

I don't currently have a subscription but I did have one for about 2 years when I was first getting into cosmetology. Allure is nice in that it isn't quite as varied on it's topics as the other magazines. They often have more beauty & hair related articles than other magazines and I like that about them. I really like how in just about every issue they have these Beauty 101, or Hair 101 cards that you can save to tell you how to do a manicure or do your hair a certain way. It's a nice little bonus. I did buy a few issues recently (April & May 04) and they were still including them. I do plan on subscribing again when I get the chance. Thank you for your time.

Edited to add: It's now March 2006 and I once again have a 2 year subscription. It's still my favorite.

Allure is the Beauty expert

I've been subscribing to allure since late 2002, and have always gotten the best beauty advice from them. I love that they show bold and new ideas in makeup, with still options for natural beauty that any woman can use. There's not a topic they haven't covered as far as looking good. Each month, I'm always interested in seeing the new issue and what's in store with makeup, skincare, and fashion. I disagree with one reviewer who said seventeen was a better magazine, allure isn't for teens. I think of it more as a women for all ages magazine. I do think they could use the magazine as a beauty staple, since I'm sick of seeing the worst makeup ever on girls these days.

By FAR the best beauty magazine around!

From the moment I picked up this magazine at a friend's house ten years ago, I was hooked. It has consistently remained one of my favorite magazines over the years, too, while others have come and gone.

The best thing about it is that it's not just about which lipstick the beauty editors have decided to push for fall. They also focus on helping women to feel better about themselves. There are some really amazing articles about the issues that women face, regarding their looks. Whether it's the pain they felt as they watched their younger sister battle obesity, or perhaps the scars that they've come to see as a testament to their strength, and not as an imperfection. It really does inspire those of us who are "regular" women.

They have amazing contributors, as well, such as Garren, Bobbi Brown, and Sally Herschberger. And last, but not least, they have the FABULOUS Kevyn Aucoin...every month! Who could ask for anything more??? Buy it. You'll l!ove it!

Don't feel guilty...

Another reviewer refers to Allure as a "guilty pleasure". Actually in my opinion this is not one to feel guilty about! I might be embarassed about something like Cosmo, but Allure treats its readers as intelligent people who are interested in science and technology as well as cosmetics, et cetera. My mom and I have been subscribing for years now... it's a classy magazine.

It's all about makeup and beauty stuff - I love it !!

In the early 90's - I remember getting some sort of ad or reading that a new magazine was coming out that was about makeup ONLY. I immediately got a subscription - sight unseen and have been a loyal subscriber since Day 1. This magazine talks about makeup - procedures, and some celeb and not-so-celeb interviews. That's it and I love it. I got turned off of Cosmo - how many ways to trap and screw your man got way old. Allure goes to great lengths to review all sorts of products both expensive and cheap and I love it. My fave is the review of favorite products that are high, medium and low. I will be a subscriber forever!!

A Bible for beauty junkies

If you are a beauty junkies, you must have your hand on ALLURE. It is the best. Inside, there is an article written by celeb makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin, who always has great advice for us on how to makeup in everyday life, as well as tell us about the glamorous world he's in. I like ALLURE October issue most because it's the "best" issue. You can see the most popular products voted in by readers, together with the best products receommended by ALLURE.

Don't miss this magazine, if you have always emptied your purse on makeup and skincare products. Read it and become wiser+more beautiful.

Great magazine to unwind with

My sister's been getting me a gift subscription to Allure for years and I really look forward to receiving it every month. It keeps me informed of current fashion and beauty trends without overwhelming me with advertising. The articles are light and relaxing. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 young children and very little time to relax. The last think I want to read about when I'm trying to drift off to sleep are articles about death and destruction. Save that for the News Magazines.