Reviews For Allure Magazine


I can't believe no one has reviewed this mag yet. It's awesome! If you're into beauty products and fashion, this mag is the best.

Allure is the Bible for Make Up Lovers!

I am a huge fan of make up. I spend far too much money on it - and it's all Allure's fault. I was not very heavy into make up as a teen, but i picked up Allure one day and was totally hooked. The articles are very well written, always up to date and sometimes even trendsetting. I love the "How To 101" series they have in the magazine every month, it's so handy and it teaches you everything about whatever that month's article is about. And even though i love fashion, it's wonderful to see a magazine devoted to nothing but beauty.

it's cool

I don't know any other magazine that's almost entirely devoted to makeup. It's got how-tos, what's hot this season, cool giveaways, sometimes samples, etc. This is worth subscribing to if you're a big makeup junkie or if you're anything like like staring at all the pretty colors.

My Favorite Beauty Magazine

I only subscribe to two magazines now. One is "O" and the other is "Allure". I bought the premiere edition while on a business trip. I subscribed right away. I have had a subscription ever since. It's clearly a magazine for those interested in the latest in make-up, skin care and perfume. It mentions products before they even hit the market. I've had people at department store make up counters ask me how did I know about such and such when it wasn't available yet. There are some articles, but nothing too serious. You don't read this magazine for the articles. It's mostly a fun magazine to have around

Good magazine

Allure turned out to be a very good magazine - I have enjoyed many well written articles and nice reviews of products and clothing. There are many tips and advice on a variety of things that any woman would certainly enjoy. It is a very well done magazine and enjoyable to read.

Must Have

I have been recieving Allure magazine for years and am convinced that it's the best magazine to ever hit the market. I love make-up and products but some magazines tend to write articles mostly about products for their own advertisers. I feel that Allure is up front - they do point to their advertisers but they write about all products. They are really good about covering everything - I've recently started going organic and in about every issue I run across organic products. I love the magazine so much that I send a yearly subscription to my niece. When other magazines let me down - Allure always comes through.

love this magazine

I love allure. Great fashion advice and contests. The articles are pretty good. My subscription was suppose to start in September but I was happy to see my first issue in the mailbox last week. KEWL!

Guilty Pleasure

I look forward to this magazine every month. It is my guilty pleasure and I read every page. Allure concentrates on make-up and cosmetics and always gives you the information on where to find each product. I find it a delicious decadence that I may not be proud of, but I won't give up.

My favorite fashion/beauty magazine

This is a great magazine. I have subscribed to it for as long as I can remember. It is full of great advice, new product information, etc. I love it and HIGHLY recommend it!!


This magazine is great. Im still getting them in the mail,and its great