Reviews For Woman's World Magazine

great advisor

this magazine is wonderful, it has an advise for every area of the everyday life, it goes from cooking, diet, money saving to decoration and fun, I greatly recomend it.

A magazine no woman should be without

I have been reading Woman's World magazine for about 2 years and have not missed ONE.I keep all of the magazines and refer back to different articles from time to time. I have encouraged all of my friends to purchase this terrific magazine and of course they are hooked. For the price of this magazine and the wealth of information it contains, I feel like I have saved thousands and learned so much. Keep up the great job and I would recommend WW to publish books by topics such as good health, home and family,food and nutrition etc.... LOOK THIS MAGAZINE THANKS

Luv This Magazine, It's the Modern Women's Guide!

I luv this magazine, I would highly recommend women getting this subscription. It has articles on everything that women are concerned with. Beauty, Fashion, Children, Recieps, Crafts, Tips to Clip, Saving money, Living Green, and Love. I read this magazine faithfully everyweek. Can't wait till Friday's just so I can pick up the latest copy. Something new everyweek!

Woman's World

The magazine is everything I thought it should be. It has something for everyone

Best women's magazine

This is the best of women's magazines and I enjoy it very much.

Great gift!

I got this magazine for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It came in a timely fashion and she really enjoys that it comes weekly. The gift that gives all year.

Love it, a lot of useful tips

Great magazine, a woman from work gave me an article to read in this magazine and I ended up looking through the whole magazine. I instantly loved it. I subscribed for it, and really enjoyed it. But after the 12 issues the magazines seemed to be repeating :( So now, I just buy the magazine every month, this way I don't get tired.
When you subscribe it seems like it arrives every week (which is too much).

Mom's favorite

Even though it's a bit expensive for me, it's the one magazine that my mom loves to get every week as she resides in a nursing home. Mail is a high commodity for anyone there.

Woman's World; A Whole Lot of Magazine, For Very Little Money...

Deciding that my physical health needed to be my first priority, I began searching for different home remedies and fitness programs that might help me reach my goals. That's when I came across what I consider now to be, my favorite reading material; "Womans World" Magazine.

I believe this to be the "least expensive" magazine on the rack, with the "most" valuable information in abundance. Other Magazines offer plenty of advertisement and/or pretty packaging with lil' substance. Woman's World Mag. is "chock full" of valuable self help tips, awareness, money saving ideas, recipes, natural remedies and household safe cleaning & beauty tips.

Good reading in every issue.

I actually cut out any articles that I know I will want to review,and insert them into a small binder in clear sheets for easy reference.

I love this magazine.

Woman's World has lots of quick, newsy bits of food, fashion, fitness, and fun. I learn something new every issue. Plus I love doing the crossword and sudoku puzzles.