Reviews For Woman's World Magazine

It's great!

I like the fact that it is not filled with tons and tons of ads, like other magazines. I've looked at some women's mags that literally have 75-100 pages of ads! I don't think I should have to pay to view ads for things I wouldn't buy anyway.

I really enjoy the fact that Woman's World has a little bit of everything... short stories, health, diet, exercise, and it leaves out a lot of the trashier things that are found in other magazines. It is something I can be proud to have my children pick up and read, without having to feel embarrassed about risque articles...


The Real Good Thing

Ive been reading woman's world,for some time now.I consider my self to be a bargain shopper,and that's why i bought my first "WOMAN'S World"magazine it has everything in it decorating,great recipie's,travel spots,short story's which are my favorite,so in my opinion theres not a better magazine out there than this one. If I was going to tell anyone to buy any magazine this would be the one. Almost all of my friends subscribe to the magazine and they all love it. So this is the number one magazine to me and all of my friends. And if you are reading this review please mark it good, and please go out and buy this magazine. You will love it.


Woman's World Wonderfully Written

The Woman's World June 27,2000 issue was excellent. The recipies were great, But the
stories in this issue was absolutely well written as well as informative.

I volunteer my time at a small Private School in town. The majority of the children
are foster kids or have trouble in school. Most parents place them there because they are
behind. My own son struggled in public school and I tried a couple of other private schools
before I found this one.

The story that really got to me was It's never too late to learn. What an incredible story of
how a 41 year old woman who was finally given the time from a stranger to learn how to read.
She had lived her life in fear of having to read and the shame of not
knowing how, and the heartache she felt when she couldn't read to her children.

Out of desperation she called her local library and asked for help. The library said that they
had a literacy program and helped her to get involved. She was able to learn to read with this
great act of kindness from a volunteer.
What an inspiring story. I know now that I must continue volunteering myself so that these
children will have the opportunity to read and the precious gift of words. I could not imagine
life without them.

There was also another story which touched my heart Two blessings in one day. That story
told of a very special bond between sisters. I'm going to buy another copy of this magazine
and mail it to my own sister.
The medical updates were very informative. I'm going to ask my doctor about some of the
new tests . It's better to be safe than sorry.


Todays womens magazine!

After purchasing this magazine I found a lot of information on everything from nutrition to children. This is a great magazine for the busy working women. We don't have much time so inexpensive magazine is great for on the go and still keep up to date! The receipe's are great, and a lot of the time you already have the ingredients in the pantry! The pictures of the children are fantastic and really bring a smile to my face! What a way to end a magazine, with a smile! Women's World is very up-to-date in trends, fashion, makeup, and family. Great stories that really touch the heart and a positive outlook on women's life.


Woman's World

I purchase this magazine faithfully every week. It is by far the best woman's magazine around. For years I used to buy Good Housekeeping, Family Circle and Woman's Day and Woman's World out shines them all. Why? Well it covers everything from fashions, make-up, projects, baking, cooking even useful sites for the computer. I can't say enough about this Magazine. Another thing that I love about this magazine is that it also has a GREAT crossword puzzle. Great stories, great articles.


good choice

Woman's World is my favorite magazine. It comes out weekly and the cost is a good value. It covers many areas of life from fashion to cooking to inspirational stories. My favorites are the weekly mystery and the advice sections. It contains make-overs, jokes, and some tear-jerking stories. It also has good health advice and new medical techniques. The down side of this magazine is the cover is regular paper and doesn't save well. It's also bigger than most magazines. I have also had a hard time finding how to order a subscription. I hope you all enjoy this magazine!!


An Original Magazine

I buy this particular magazine every week, and I don't like to miss an issue. I like this magazine for lots of reasons.

Some of them are: the price is quite reasonable. The quotes in every issue are always worth remembering. The stories are quite interesting, too. What I enjoy most however, are the recipes, especially the fancy out of the ordinary cakes which show up in this venue very often. Although, I don't ever have the need to make any of these cakes, the fact that they are in there, makes me want to save the magazine. The other recipes are worth trying, too. Of course, there are the varied diets and exercises, medical hints, beauty hints and general household hints that make this magazine worthwhile. So, I hope that they keep publishing this one forever, because I love it.

The only other magazines that are even similar are Woman's Day and Family Circle, if you like Woman's World, you might enjoy these also.


More than 5 Stars

This has been my favorite magazine since the day it was introduced. As a busy entrepreneur, my time is slim to none. I can grab this and read it from cover to cover in under 30 minutes. Then I can keep it around and refer back to it for great tips on everything.

A magazine no woman should be without

I have been reading Woman's World magazine for about 2 years and have not missed ONE.I keep all of the magazines and refer back to different articles from time to time. I have encouraged all of my friends to purchase this terrific magazine and of course they are hooked. For the price of this magazine and the wealth of information it contains, I feel like I have saved thousands and learned so much. Keep up the great job and I would recommend WW to publish books by topics such as good health, home and family,food and nutrition etc.... LOVE THIS MAGAZINE THANKS

Always Provides Encouragement and Promotes Positive Self-Image

My 87-year-old friend introduced me to Woman's World. She buys it every week at the grocery store, reads it cover to cover, and then passes it on to me. Even though I am 50 years younger than my friend, I have really grown to love this little magazine. The cover photos and captions lead me to think that the magazine is marketed to women who struggle with doubts about their self-image. This is a good thing, because every page beyond the cover is filled with inspiring stories of women who have triumphed over challenges, articles encouraging positive healthy living, and creative ideas for making life rich and fun. This magazine is without a doubt a force for great good in the world. I applaud it's success!