Reviews For Woman's World Magazine

A great family magazine

Woman's world magazine: I have been getting this magazine for years and have looked forward to every issue.It is a great magazine for women and men,for today we have men who are bringing up children alone.

So they can get information from this magazine to help them deal with every day events,like cooking,health ,medicine and of course exercise to keep healthy.You name it and most likely you will find it in woman's world.It is fully packed with all kinds of accurate information.

I love reading the stories about families,their tragedies and how they deal with their problems.

The staff and editors do a super job.So if your looking for a good magazine that has it all,look no further.I highly recommend this magazine.


Woman's World not just for women

I am a male who is married to a magazine reading woman, she subscribes to good housekeeping,red book,and many more including woman's world. When she first brought woman's world home I thought it would be just like the rest of them, boring, same articles, same diets, same recipes, I have to admit I was wrong.

I first started to read woman's world just to see if I was right, and was hooked right away. The format is definitely for women, but I found I enjoyed the articles they are informative, and written so that you can understand them. I enjoy the cartoons, kids say and was my face red.

My wife teases me when I start to read because I always skim through at first, looking at the cartoons, and reading the medical alerts and advice, because she knows the 2 sections I read first are the romantic short story,(which she doesn't);and the mini mystery. These two seem to prime my interest, as I continue to read the rest from cover to cover. My wife is a great cook, and she has tried many of the recipes that are offered and they have definitely been winners, and we will be enjoying them often.

When I am finished reading I have to let her read her articles and stories before I can do my favorite part which is the crossword puzzle, some I find challenging, but most are solvable, and not boring.

I am one man who really enjoys reading Women's World and will continue to do so as long as they publish it.


My Favorite Magazine

I could write a book about why I love this magazine! It's like a breath of sunshine in a sometimes very cloudy world. I've been a faithful reader for several years now. When I get one I read it cover to cover. One of the things I like best about it is that the stories are short. Ok, I know, that may be a lame reason to like a magazine, but after concentrating all day I like something that helps me unwind and a good short story does just that. Which leads me to my second reason for loving this magazine. It's full of "happy ending" stories. I know that life doesn't always have a happy ending but I like the fact that they seek out the happy stories for their readers. If we want a depressing story sometimes we don't have to go any farther than our own lives and if that's not enough then we can certainly get good and depressed by turning on our televisions and watching the nightly news.

My teenage daughters even love this magazine. If I can't find my newest copy I know to first look in either of their bedrooms. We all have our favorite sections but that's just another plus of this magazine.... something for everyone.

In my opinion this magazine just can't be beat!


Awesome Woman's Magazine

In my honest opinion this is the best magazine ever written! I have been reading for years, and simply have never found a "bad" issue, or one I could not in some way relate to my life. I love their recipes, their articles and their true stories.

I started reading this LONG before I became a woman... Growing up I spent weekends with Grandma.. And she was the first one in our family to find Woman's World.. I can remember running to find her newest copy being one of my first stops at her house every Friday...

Now that I have my home, I plan my grocery shopping around the magazine! Not only do I try some of their delicious recipes each week, but I make sure to shop on Tuesday afternoon so I can get my copy as it comes out each week!!

I recommend this magazine to any teen or mom!! There is something for everyone!


Woman's World--The Woman's Weekly

Every week I go to the supermarket and I have to get just one magazine. That magazine is Woman's World.

This magazine keeps me up-to-date on fashion and beauty tips, great diets to go by, and wonderful, easy recipes to try. It has wonderful real-life stories about some of life's miracles. Every week it has two pages full of great fashion styles and colors to wear this season and what to accessorize it with.

It also has a new ways to pamper your skin and what make-up is great to wear. I don't personal wear make-up, but I do use the ways they show to to pamper your skin and body.

The recipes that they put in the magazine are wonderful. You can even cut out the recipe and collect them to put in your recipe box. the recipes make up a whole meal including the dessert.

They usually have some kind of decorative cake or some kind of craft to make. The cakes are soo cute and they plan and show the steps for you to follow easily. The crafts they have are very easy and creative, and most crafts you can have children help you, if you have kids.

Woman's World also has question about health and financial situation answered. It has deco tips and simple little "short cuts" to make life easier.

Somewhere in all this, I know that you will find something that you like. I recommend Woman's World to every woman.


Heartwarming magazine

I have been reading this magazine since it first came out and have only missed a very few issues. It may be small, but it packs a lot of great ideas, stories, recipes and other things.

The stories frequently bring tears to eyes, as well as laughter and smiles. They are truly stories of real life. Many of them make me so thankful for the things I have and others just give me tons of inspiration.

The recipes are usually very economical and relatively easy to fix. The decorating ideas are great.

I really enjoy the section "Woman's World Getaway". It has some great places to visit and gives good information about the area and the things to do there, as well as the cost of things.

The different so-called advice sections also seem to deal with very real, everyday type of problems that face the average family.

I would recommend this magazine to anyone. It's usually quick, easy and very enjoyable reading. It's more than worth the price you pay.


"Happy endings.."

I never miss an issue of Woman's World magazine. I look forward to reading the stories. It's a nice treat at the end of a busy day. I get the kids off to bed and sit down with my Woman's World. Unlike a lot of magazines which print articles filled with gossip about famous people, Woman's World is full of happy ending stories written about people just like us. The stories are usually touching and uplifting. Besides the wonderful stories, this magazine always has great recipe ideas, dieting tips, cute cartoons, fashion tips, decorating ideas, travel information. It's a small, inexpensive magazine that is full of good news and helpful advice.


Quick Reading

Woman's World, published weekly, is a great magazine to take along to appointments or when you only have a bit of time to spend here or there, as many of the articles are short and quick reading.

Each issue includes:

---Inspirational stories
---Weight loss tips/ideas
---Real-life stories
---Mini Mystery

That is just a small preview of the magazine. Each issue is about 56 pages and few ads. (The March 14, 2000 issue had 56 pages and about 6 pages of ads throughout the magazine).

All the pages are semi-glossy. The photos are bright and the whole magazine is very upbeat and positive.

I have found a lot of useful advice and ideas through Woman's World. I especially like the cartoons, jokes, and stories sent in by readers. It's a very friendly magazine, if a magazine can be that!

I especially enjoy regularly appearing columns like "Ask Richard Simmons" and "Chicken Soup for the Soul."

I purchase Woman's World regularly and really like this magazine. I consider this to be the best magazine for the average woman. It definitely won't leave you with the feeling that you aren't good enough, pretty enough, the perfect parent or spouse! It includes something for every woman (but probably not young adult singles).


Informative and Enjoyable Reading

Womens World was first introduced to me by my mother, who buys the magazine faithfully.

I found the articles in this magazine to be very informative and up lifting. The magazine covers a wide variety of topics, from medical problems, to financial information, weight loss and success stories all centered around women. I truly enjoy reading the articles and have gained a lot of useful information from this magazine.

I find that most women's magazines are full of advertising, with several full page adds and very few articles. The articles in Womens World are about everyday women and the problems they encounter and conquer. All of the adds are for products that the average family can use and afford.

I especially enjoy the Chicken Soup For The Soul and the financial success stories of women who start their own businesses.

I would suggest that any women who would like to escape their hectic day and would like to read a magazine for women about women should buy this magazine as often as possible.


Womans World is wonderful!

I personally LOVE Womans World for many reason. This magazine has heart felt stories from real people. The stories are short for easy reading. The stories really touch your heart from Infertility problems, to reading problems, to adoption and family helping family. This magazine is just easy to enjoy. You don't have to have a lot of time to read it, to enjoy it. For busy career woman and busy mommies its just perfect. I have it delivered to my house so that I don't miss an issue but you can buy it at the grocery store also. Its a weekly magazine which I also love. I think if you give it a try, you will enjoy it too!